“Y: The Last Man” has nothing to do with politics, but about survival


At its core, Y: The last person It’s about surviving trauma. After a mysterious plague killed all mammals with Y chromosomes (except two), one tried to rebuild his own society, with the premise: What would happen if cisgender men were suddenly excluded? If you think the answer is “peaceful mother system”, then you are wrong. On the contrary, this is a kind of global thinking, that is, the idea of ​​patriarchy is deeply ingrained in almost all aspects of human life. What happens after the elimination of cisgender men is that many devastated people have to decide how much they want the new world to be the same as the old one.

Of course, this is largely related to power.exist Y: The last personThis is based on the comic series by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, currently playing on FX on Hulu. According to the order of succession of the president, American power flows to a participant named Jennifer Brown (Diane Lane). Congressman. She is a Democrat, succeeding the government led by the Republican Party. Of course she is capable, but she is also working hard to reform a government composed of allies and people loyal to the former president. She must also serve the people who split into factions after the tragedy. Some people think that the government is at fault for the plague; some organizations have formed separatist groups; some people find spiritual meaning; some people are trying to get through the storm.

The host of the show, Eliza Clark, said that managing this anxiety is with“I am very interested in the way people in crisis turn inward—not just inward toward themselves, but toward their community, toward their frame of reference and perspective,” Clark said. “We have seen it with Coronavirus disease And the many crises we deal with every day. People are scared. When people feel scared, they look for people who can understand the world. “

exist with, People looking for these answers look different from most TV shows. In the show, they are a group of women, trans men and non-binary people from various political fields. (One of the blind spots of the original comic is how it handles transgender people; Clark insisted on correcting this, including adding a new protagonist, Sam [Elliot Fletcher]( A hybrid of McCain and Ivanka Trump. There is also Agent 355 (Ashley Romans), a member of the U.S. government’s secret special operations team. He went to find President Brown’s daughter hero (Olivia Surby), but found her son Yorick (Ben Shi Nazawa) and his pet monkey, the ampersand-on the surface are the only two mammals with Y chromosomes left on earth.

In the Yorick-Agent 355 relationship with Make it the strongest point. Yorick’s line of work literally means “escape the artist,” and it’s usually a mess, he was forced to face his privileges for the first time, and the fact that he is now a minority, even though he is a very valuable person. Agent 355 found himself often in a position where he had to explain this. “You know, you can do whatever you want without any consequences,” she told him. “I have been being pointed all my life, like, I don’t know, what the hell is the benefit of doubting! You just walk into any room and you take it for granted.”

In the end, Agent 355 and Yorick must embark on a journey to find Alison Mann (Diana Bang). This Harvard scientist can analyze Yorick to find out why he seems to be the only one in the plague Who have survived in. She also plays a role, responsible for first explaining to the audience the facts of the outbreak. “Not everyone with a Y chromosome is a man,” she explained. “We lost a lot of people that day.”


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