Why is flying so controversial in online games


Other games launched flying a few years after their release and changed forever with the decision. World of Warcraft In 2007, with the Burning Crusade expansion package began to provide flying animal mounts. Immediately, the flight caused controversy. To ride a speeding “Gryphon”, players must hone to level 70 and drop a lot of gold coins on rare or epic-quality mounts. In the beginning, only these high-level, wealthy players can access good mounts, so that they can avoid deadly monsters, occupy the best resource mining points, and even quickly move away from their opponents in player battles. Poorer and inexperienced players are constantly being reminded of their low-level status by the howling Warcraft.

Some players think that flying World of Warcraft It feels more “minimal” than “large-scale” multiplayer. “This is really sudden for people,” said Jessica St. John, an MMORPG Twitch anchor and a fan of Zepla. “Everyone is on the ground, walking from one place to another together. Once the flight is introduced World of Warcraft, It feels like people are even more distant. “It’s just that players who chat with each other in the game will ride around the city on flying mounts instead of standing in groups in front of the auction house. Some players feel that flying is exhausting. World of WarcraftA sense of community presence.

Hazzikostas said: “When everything is done on a slower, smaller scale, the world feels more populated.” “You can see people next to you. They are not 50 yards above you. So, without a doubt, increase. The extra dimension will make some of our cities feel more empty.”

The proximity gave birth to the connection, or at least the feeling of it. The same is true of challenges. In order to pass through difficult areas saturated with high-level monsters, Final Fantasy XI Players often ask the other party to escort them manually to inspire Form social bondsIt may take a dangerous 10-minute hike for a team to reach the correct lizard cave. If a team member dies, everyone will have to wait for them to run back. What else can you do besides shooting?

Not like Final Fantasy XI, Of 2013 Final Fantasy XIV: The Realm of Rebirth It has a flying mount and a series of simple life mechanisms to simplify the game. (In order to gain the ability to fly in many areas, players must first thoroughly explore them and collect knowledge of the “ether flow”—the wind pattern in the area.) Catwoman not only can ride a broomstick across the island; they can throw their name Into a random queue of players, the game algorithm combines these players into a dungeon raid party. From task to task or battle to battle is faster and more seamless, but it is also a socially fragmented experience. After the player defeats a group of birdmen as part of the Full Active Time Event or FATE, they may explode in all directions on their flying mounts instead of traveling like a group of happy adventurers. Easier to play and save time, Final Fantasy 14The improvements made it more challenging to meet people through the shared environment in the game.

“We are shortening the time it takes them to travel from point A to point B; by definition, you won’t see so many people because they also run fast,” Emmert said. “It becomes a destination, not a journey.” Because the level designer has difficulty guiding the player to a certain location in the 3D space, his team designs the landscape and gameplay around points of interest (such as social centers). There, Type A players may meet people and determine their costumes.

Nevertheless, “meeting people” may no longer be the main function of MMORPG. The long-lost day is when players must know each other intimately enough to share IRL phone numbers and coordinate raids; spend 30 minutes talking about life, night elves, and all escort missions across the icy tundra. “Is this the chicken or the egg: are we starting to make teaming easier and successful, and now, is this the standard? Or is it social pressure?” Emmert said. “Is it the illusion that the player wants to connect, but there is no promise of connection?”


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