What the music tags will learn when you pre-save music


recently Tik Tok Video, Musician Clinton Kane made repeated comments on the record company’s push to let fans pre-save the artist’s music even before their songs were released. In the video, his management team requested hundreds of thousands of pre-storages before his song was released. This is surprising, but the message is clear: the label needs your response even before the main event is scheduled.

Propaganda for music lovers is for convenience. Tap “Save Now”, and after publishing, the new song or album will appear in your music library immediately. The benefits for artists and record companies can be even greater: pre-stored music requires direct access to your account on any music service you use. If you try to add or save music before it is released, a disclaimer will pop up to remind you that the amount of potential data accessed from your music library and listening habits can be jaw-dropping.

While the audience is convenient, the developers (tags or third-party services) get the data—probably more than you know. Depending on the service, you can change your name, email address, subscription type, and number of followers. But this is only the beginning. You can also hand over your listening history, such as recently played content, content saved in your music library, your top artists, and any playlists you make and follow.

The position of Spotify, Apple Music and other companies

When you save a song in advance, it looks like the service you use (such as Spotify) may be a service that requests information about your account. but it is not the truth. At the top of the authorization dialog, it tells you which service, label or company is making the request, and who will get your data when you accept it.

Specifically, Spotify is improving its API access to more closely monitor the type of information developers can request.recent Post on the company’s developer blog Some changes are listed. Spotify confirmed in an interview with WIRED that it will review API requests and by doing so, express approval for future use of listening data.

The authorization pop-up window displayed by Apple Music is rather vague, only saying that it will share the media library and listening activities. It is not clear at this time the level of participation and coverage of accessing users’ Apple Music accounts, and Apple did not comment on what specific information is included.

Where are the artists?

The artist pushes fans to pre-save the upcoming version for one important reason: information. Both Spotify and Apple Music provide artists with dashboards for advanced analysis of their music. Providing pre-saved music allows artists to obtain more detailed fan data, such as email addresses and other artists they like to listen to.

“I think in general, this is a way to build some excitement and get fans to call for action, not just repeating’new song is coming!’,” said musician Katelyn Tarver , She uses this function as a listener and artist. “Also, if a lot of people save a song in advance, it can help improve the first day stream of your track, which helps you have a chance to be included in other playlists on DSP [Digital Service Provider], This may really accomplish or ruin your career. “

Tarver has one New singles and upcoming albums, And have seen the pre-existing utility.

“It can help you get a deeper understanding of who responded to your music, and it can help you understand where your most loyal fans are when you start planning your tour,” Tarver said.

But she said that asking her fans to do this can be a challenge.


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