The opposition failed to remove Kurz’s successor, the Austrian government survived

[ad_1] A few days after Sebastian Kurz resigned as prime minister, the Austrian government survived a no-confidence vote in parliament due to an investigation by state prosecutors into political corruption.…

How Amazon Studios plans to deal with TikTok

[ad_1] The creator and Jennifer Salke of Amazon Studio discussed everything on Day 1 of the MPW Summit. read more [ad_2] Source link

Augmented reality startup Magic Leap gets new funding reset

[ad_1] As the industry took on a new look in the pandemic, augmented reality startup Magic Leap received new funding. read more [ad_2] Source link

The EU’s first green bond attracted more than 135 billion euros in orders

[ad_1] On Tuesday, as Brussels began its efforts to become the world’s largest issuer of sustainable bonds, the European Union attracted strong investor demand for its first green bond. The…

Why IBM chooses to work “intentionally flexible”

[ad_1] “Hybrid” has come out. read more [ad_2] Source link

Rising energy prices put pressure on global stock markets-Bitcoin rises against the trend

[ad_1] Global stock markets and U.S. futures are under pressure-even though they are already out of lows. read more [ad_2] Source link

China’s power crisis triggered a wave of factory generators

[ad_1] Desperate Chinese factory owners are increasingly turning to diesel generators to maintain their business during the power crisis that threatens the country’s economic growth and green ambitions. Power shortage…

Evergrande default concerns push Asian junk bond yields to 10-year highs

[ad_1] Fearing that more and more developers in China are facing defaults, Evergrande may miss the deadline to pay three interest payments to international bondholders because the risky yield on…

SpaceX: how Elon Musk’s new rocket could transform the space race

[ad_1] At the southernmost tip of Texas, alongside the Gulf of Mexico, a gleaming stainless steel rocket has been rising from the salt marshes. At nearly 400ft, the new SpaceX…

Nobel laureate in economics turns statistics into insight

[ad_1] Correlation is not causation. There is an important fact behind the clichés. For example, in January this year, the United Kingdom implemented one of the strictest lockdown measures and…

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