The market is on the edge before today’s inflation report is released

[ad_1] Prior to the release of US consumer inflation data, the US futures market was weak. read more [ad_2] Source link

The Apple and Epic Games court case is actually bananas

[ad_1] Apple’s lawyers’ deviation from the fruity “Fortnite” video game character wardrobe choice is at the core of the legal dispute. read more [ad_2] Source link

Astrology startups receive venture capital funding

[ad_1] Sanctuary, an astrology app with real real-time reader, get VC cash read more [ad_2] Source link

With regulations imminent, law firms are accumulating AI expertise

[ad_1] There is a huge gap between artificial intelligence system builders and legal experts. A boutique law firm hopes to use this as a bridge. read more [ad_2] Source link

More and more companies offer pregnancy loss leave

[ad_1] Company policy provides two weeks of paid vacation for mothers or their partners. read more [ad_2] Source link

A legal battle for the ugliest and most beloved boots in the world

[ad_1] The point of contention is whether UGG should be called “ugg” (common name in Australia) in the United States read more [ad_2] Source link

Big tech companies plummet-encryption technology also collapses

[ad_1] Don’t look at it now, both the bargaining chip and FANG’s stock are within the adjustment range. read more [ad_2] Source link

All the secrets gushing out of Apple’s epic trial

[ad_1] Apple has made special deals with Netflix, Facebook and other companies that use the main apps on the iPhone. read more [ad_2] Source link

Michael Klein and Sam Altman SPAC downsize

[ad_1] AltC reduced from $1 billion to $400 million read more [ad_2] Source link

The April 2021 employment report shows that women are still lagging behind.Janet Yellen knows why

[ad_1] The Minister of Finance said that work life and personal life are interrelated. read more [ad_2] Source link

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