The opposition failed to remove Kurz’s successor, the Austrian government survived


A few days after Sebastian Kurz resigned as prime minister, the Austrian government survived a no-confidence vote in parliament due to an investigation by state prosecutors into political corruption.

The Green Party is a junior coalition partner of Kurtz’s moderate and conservative People’s Party and voted for the new Prime Minister Alexander Schellenberg.

shortThe 35-year-old man, once hailed as the future of European conservatism, did not attend Tuesday’s vote. He will continue to be the leader of the People’s Party and will take over as the leader of the parliamentary faction this week-which has led many to call him the new “shadow prime minister.” He will continue to sit in the cabinet.

Since last Wednesday, Austria has been in a state of political crisis, when the police found in a raid by various ministries in Vienna Prosecutor’s investigation Bribery and perjury into the government.

Kurz Resign as prime minister Saturday is the key suspect in the investigation. The prosecutor claimed that he was involved in a conspiracy to use taxpayers’ money directly in media organizations in exchange for positive reports. He denied any wrongdoing.

In a fierce five-hour parliamentary meeting on Tuesday, representatives of the opposition lined up to criticize the “Kurz system.” A congressman fainted on the podium.

Schellenberg, who was sworn in on Monday, delivered a speech in Parliament, calling for unity and ending political activities. “If I want to convey a message today, it is that we reach out to our alliance partners to overcome differences,” he said.

He made it clear that Kurz still has his support. “Of course, I will continue to work with [the] Former prime minister,” he said.

Vice President and Leader of the Green Party Werner Kogler praised Kurtz. “I want to say I appreciate [his] He deserves to be respected,” he told members of Congress, and was ridiculed by the opposition.

The Green Party said last week that if Kurz does not resign, they will consider forming a politically distinct coalition with the other three opposition parties to shut down the power of the People’s Party.

Analysts said that this would be a risky and possibly unpopular strategy, and would greatly weaken the role of the Green Party in the future government.

“The government reorganization is a farce,” said Pamela Rendi-Wagner, leader of the opposition Social Democratic Party. “One person continues to pull all the strings. That person is Kurz.”

Kurz was forced to resign from Herbert Kickl, leader of the right-wing populist Liberal Party in 2019 after ending the scandal of the first Kurz government. He said that since the raid, “Austria I must know one thing: abuse of power, serious systemic corruption, population manipulation, treachery and hypocrisy [People’s party] Common as the core”.


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