Urbanista Los Angeles review: solar headphones that actually work


“Infinite” is a Tricky, isn’t it? Some things are either “infinite” or not. Therefore, when Urbanista describes its Los Angeles wireless noise-canceling over-ear headphones as having “almost unlimited” playback time, it is basically the same as saying that Los Angeles does not have unlimited playback time.

Although, to treat Urbanista fairly, Los Angeles is closer than most.

At first glance, Urbanista Los Angeles has nothing particularly noteworthy. Like the Miami wireless headphones they rely on, they look beautiful and work beautifully. Like every Urbanista product, they are named after one of the most evocative places on earth.

However, on the outside of the headband, Los Angeles suddenly became unique. “Unique”, like “infinite”, is absolute, but for now, this is the description Urbanista deserves. Because there is a large strip of material integrated on the outside of the headband called “Powerful Foyle‘Provided by a company called Exeger.It is a solar cell material, which can be obtained from any Types of light, from sunlight to light bulbs in the home. Whether the headset itself is turned on or not, it is always pulling energy and always charging. This means that Urbanista Los Angeles will be able to play for a long time without charging from the power source. Among them, as a unique selling point, it is impressive.

Photo: Urbanista

Regardless of the brilliance of this project, it is mainly Urbanista’s business as usual. This means that Los Angeles is a sturdy pair of headphones that are comfortable at every point of contact and will not (like many competitor designs) overwhelm listeners with smaller heads. The quality of the building is undisputed, the choice of materials is wise, the choice of colors (“midnight” black or “sand” gold) is pleasing, and Los Angeles has a certain degree of tactility, which is not common in Los Angeles. earphone Below the 200 pound mark.

The wireless connection is achieved through Bluetooth 5.0, which is sufficient, but it is hardly at the forefront. The sound is provided by several identical 40mm full-range dynamic drivers installed on the (suddenly low-tech) Urbanista Miami. There are three positions of active noise reduction: “On”, “Off” or “Ambient Sound”, if you take the Los Angeles off your head (or even move them slightly on your ears), the trigger accelerometer will pause music. Happily, “Ear Detection” can be beaten in the new Urbanista control application.

As far as the headset control app is concerned, it is one of the better looking apps, but it is more limited in what it can actually do for you. There is a beautiful large display that can explain whether the battery is charging or depleted, there is a three-level noise reduction switch, and the function of the physical “control” button on the outside of the left earcup can be defined. That’s a lot of yours.


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