You can now give up the password for your Microsoft account


Although a complete A passwordless future still Some distance, And you will soon be able to take a big step in this direction by changing the password of your Microsoft account. The company announced today that the password-less features it has provided to corporate customers will now be open to everyone.

In the next few weeks, Microsoft will roll out support for passwordless life in the Microsoft Authenticator application and the biometric-based Windows Hello sign-in service. You will be able to set up to use biometric technologies such as fingerprints or facial scans, hardware authentication tokens, or verification codes sent to your phone or email as alternatives to passwords. Like your old login information, the new system will allow you and more than 1 billion other Microsoft account holders to access services such as Office 365 and OneDrive.

Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft’s corporate vice president responsible for security, compliance, identity and management, said: “Due to the theft of identities and passwords, the number of cyber attacks has increased-as defenders, in this asymmetric game, we do A lot of work needs to be done for us.” “Without a password, you get advanced security and it becomes easier. This is just a slam dunk.”

Passwordless solutions use things like biometrics (your identity) or hardware security keys (something you own) to confirm your identity; in other words, to verify your identity. In contrast, a password is “something you know”, which becomes a problem when other people “know” or guess the information. However, in the no-password scheme, even the security codes sent to your phone are indeed “something you own” rather than “something you know” because they require you to access your smartphone within a certain short period of time .

This conceptual shift makes passwordless systems more secure in many ways, but people have become accustomed to passwords after decades of using them, and it is sometimes difficult to convince them to try other methods.If you have invested the time to build Password manager In any case, you may feel that much of the deterioration of the whole situation has disappeared.Passwordless login is so simple, it can feel It’s not as safe simply because there is less hassle involved in viewing a webcam for a facial scan or plugging a Yubikey into a USB port.

Even within Microsoft, it takes years to design and implement alternative structures that completely eliminate passwords, rather than simply adding more layers of defense on top of them.

“I remember that was 2017, and we started discussing what would happen if we changed the route to eliminate passwords instead of improving multi-factor authentication,” said Bret Arsenault, Microsoft’s chief information security officer. “I was sitting there thinking, is this just the text that marketers came up with? Then I thought, okay, if we really wanted to eliminate the password, what would we do differently? Literally, it’s like opening A light bulb.”

Microsoft said that from its enterprise deployment, it has more than 200 million passwordless users. The company is not the only tech giant that offers password login alternatives. However, given that Windows and Office 365 are ubiquitous among corporate customers and individuals, it has a special impact.

To permanently cancel your Microsoft password, download the Microsoft Authenticator app and link it to your Microsoft account.Then go to and select login, and then Advanced security options. under Extra security Look for No password account And click Open. Follow the prompts and approve the changes from the Authenticator app.

That’s it. If you want to reverse the process, you can choose to add the password again. But who will miss it?

“You think everyone hates passwords, but a small group of people like them,” Arsenault said. “They are called criminals.”

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