Why you should care more about internet shutdown


Any time you see a government-or a group, in the case of the Taliban-expressing authoritarian, authoritarian and repressive views, it follows that they may do what they want, which is to restrict access to information And communication opportunities. I am very concerned about the situation in Afghanistan. Ensuring that people there have access to information, the ability to communicate, and the ability to get news is crucial.

How complicated must the person enacting one of these closures be? Can anyone with effective control over the Internet infrastructure participate in these activities?

You are right to point out that the way the shutdown occurs is usually related to the degree of government control over the telecommunications infrastructure of a particular country. The situation is different: it varies from country to country and changes over time.

One thing we have observed, which has also been well reported by others, is that many governments are considering enacting laws to strengthen their control over telecommunications infrastructure. This is part of three simultaneous trends. First, your internet is shut down more and more frequently. Second, the government is paying more and more attention to how they control the country’s telecommunications infrastructure. You have also seen the decline of democracy around the world and the increase in authoritarian governments that exercise power over civil society.

What is the real risk?

This is certainly not just an inconvenience. In some cases, this is a matter of life and death. This is of course a problem of losing livelihoods-civil society is restricted, access to information is restricted, and freedom of speech is restricted. I think that as more and more people live online, as democratic institutions increasingly rely on the Internet as a way to promote citizen participation—sharing news and information, allowing people to communicate with each other, and allowing people to organize— -The government shutting down the Internet will increase costs.

The world shuts down the internet on purpose

January 2020-May 2021

What can ordinary citizens who use the Internet do about this? What can we do to better recognize when it happens and prevent it?

This largely depends on your situation. There are many tools that allow you to access the free and open Internet, such as a virtual private network (VPN). There are certain tools that allow you to protect yourself from certain types of scrutiny. DNS poisoning is a common form of censorship, in which the government manipulates a single URL. We have a tool called Intra (and other tools) that protect users and allow them to circumvent these restrictions.


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