Why Facebook uses Ray-Ban to make claims on our faces


Facebook’s View application “promises to be a safe space”, Based on a review, But uploading data to other Facebook applications through the View application will result in unclear which privacy policies apply and how the content recorded by the glasses will ultimately be used. People who use Ray-Ban Stories may also be subject to additional surveillance. The View app states that the wearer’s voice commands can be recorded and shared with Facebook to “improve and personalize [the wearer’s] Experience. “The user must opt-out to avoid this situation.

When some (but not all) of the people we interact with are obscured by Ray-Ban Stories, we may not be able to cooperate fully. We may not want to be recorded. Or, if we do not have Facebook glasses, or are not on Facebook, we may not be able to participate in social activities like using Ray-Ban Stories.

So far, Facebook has not had a portable consumer hardware device that can be used with mobile phones and back-end software on the market, and it is clear that the company is a novice in this regard.It only lists Five “responsibility” rules For those who buy glasses. It is naive or very optimistic to believe that people will actually abide by these rules.

These glasses are the first step that Facebook has taken to build a complete hardware ecosystem, which is the meta-universe that the company is about to try to create. With Ray-Ban Stories, it has gained new capabilities to collect data about people’s behavior, location, and content—even if the company has not yet used this information—because it is working towards a higher goal.

Although Facebook has conducted a large-scale Beta test in our public places, people concerned will be more vigilant in public places and may even take circumvention measures, such as wearing hats or glasses, or avoiding anyone wearing Ray-Ban.if Facebook adds face recognition function For these glasses in the future, it is reported that the company is considering that people will have to find new countermeasures. This robs us of our peace.

Ray-Ban Stories is now on sale United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and Australia. The way people use and respond to devices has different social norms, values, laws, And expectations of privacyFacebook may be one of the first companies to try to deploy smart camera glasses, but it won’t be the last. Many other versions will follow, and we need to pay attention not only to Ray-Bans, but also to record all our types of equipment in a more subtle way.

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