When you live in an immaterial world, what can you sell?


I like one Get Rich Quick Program-What Americans don’t have? ——Not long ago, I started direct selling. This idea came about like this: plastic straws are morally hot, and if they are banned, I think Americans will soon need another way to sip our iced coffee.

Twenty metal straws can be found on it Amazon For 10 dollars, I calculated that I could sell them to cafes, each for 1.50 dollars, and they could charge 2 dollars for each, and we would all do well and do well. But, like all those who pursue accelerated prosperity, I became greedy. Of course I can find a cheaper wholesaler, a humble Chinese clearing house, where metal straws are only sold for a few cents. I also realize that my small footprint cannot hold too much inventory. I am very happy to learn that Chinese manufacturers ship directly to customers and then ship directly.

I am here. If I not only manufacture the straws but also store, package and transport them offshore, I only need to design some kind of advertising; open an online store, and every purchase will trigger the wholesaler to issue straws to paying customers; allow wholesalers to dock at low prices My merchant account; and the tag will go to me me me.I don’t even have to Look Straws, not to mention Shop They or (God bless) Make They are like some hard-hearted and tireless American industrialists in the 1890s or 1920s.I said make a fortune Fast.

It’s easy to find a wholesaler. You can use Oberlo. I chose Beijing Dunhuang.com (or DHgate) as the 30-cent metal straws, and I ordered 100 of them to base the pump. I have stock! I have a shipper! Setting up my website for “The Last Straw” on Shopify is also a breeze. With ambitions, I designed the website to obtain bitcoins, my eyes are on the horizon, and I pay close attention to my personal success gospel. Then I went to Instagram to make an ad…

There is catch-22. Of course, I could design a picturesque stainless steel straw hero lens aimed at attracting clients inspired by exquisite designs and organic modern lifestyles, if not because of the metallic taste in their mouths. But how to make the post be seen? Even if I pay to promote them, few people like them, and I cannot save my life through sales.In order to win customers, I need to be Influence, It seems.If I had a formula to become an influencer, I would already be rich-and rich already It’s as fast as getting rich.

The lesson is frustrating.Building influence through clever posts is not only must In order to make a fortune in America, this is one of the only things we Americans do were able Do it, whether it’s good (like Kylie Jenner) or bad (like me). Delivery on behalf of Andrew Carnegie’s college graduates only dream of one task, the kind of unpaid youth previously assigned to the trust fund: turning some cute digital photos into viruses.

This has some real economics. Most Americans stopped learning about agriculture or trade a century ago, and then a large number of people stopped learning about factory work, whether they were blue-collar or white-collar workers. Manipulating objects that are not digitized and offline, such as wheat or stainless steel, is no longer a promising field.

Traditional professions such as law and medicine remain stable, but because everything is not safe, even professors, doctors, lawyers, and accountants find that they have to sell themselves. At the same time, people in the retail industry, advertising industry and various customer service departments are doing sales and sales, with nothing but sales, and most people in our press also end up making money for themselves online.


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