Vaccine authorization and boosters-what does all this mean?


One of the reasons may be structural and logistical reasons. If you do not have a paid vacation, if you are one of the few people who have had serious side effects from the vaccine, you cannot take a two-day vacation at the risk. Those are gone, usually not serious, and you feel uncomfortable all day long, but if you miss your job because of this, you can’t miss your job because you will lose your job, you don’t want to get vaccinated.

It is a group of people, so you can solve this problem. If you live far away from the vaccination site, you can solve this problem. Those are kind of like carrots, right? You can make it easier for people. If you are told that there are vaccine regulations, if you work in a place that employs 65,000 Americans, if you say you can’t go to work without vaccinations, but that place doesn’t give you a place to vaccinate, that’s not right, right. Bar?

So you make it possible for people, and you make it easy for those who are difficult. If you look at these poll numbers, they are very attractive to me, even among people who say “absolutely nothing can get me vaccinated.” what is that? 15%, 20%, if you ask people this question in various polls. Even in this group, there is a subgroup in the crosstab. It seems that the only thing that can get me vaccinated is if I am forced to vaccinate, welcome to board the plane.

Now you are forced to do this because you want to walk through society as you like in 2019. Once you enter a political or philosophical opposition to vaccines, this is where the tension is. This is where the head meets here. So the question now is, okay, okay, because this is America, you can maintain political and philosophical opposition, but don’t expect to have the same privileges in society as everyone else, because we now have social priorities and Privileges are working hard to enforce. That’s why they, as you said, Mike, deprived someone of their freedom.

MC: right. You don’t have to take a bath, but if you don’t take a bath, you will sit on the roof of the bus.

with: Yes. These are the same types of issues that you don’t know about in politics. These issues will always go back to when we started. I said, I don’t want to do this to make it politicized. These are the same as cultural political differences or issues that the country has been dealing with for at least the past five years, but in fact 10 or 15, 20 since 9/11, maybe it’s appropriate to think about it this week. The idea is people What kind of freedom you have, the better of personal freedom, the freedom not to be disturbed and the freedom to do things, become part of a society with some common priorities, and sometimes you must be able to do whatever you want to do and obey you The safety of everyone around.

We don’t allow people to wave metal baseball bats around. This is not a terrible analogy, because Covid-19 is a harmful disease that kills some infected people and it spreads asymptomatically, so you can’t judge you in a few days Whether to own it and provide it to others without knowing it. Therefore, the world around us must take some measures to ensure the safety of all of us. Now in some parts of our country, more people disagree with this. This is part of the agreement that all of us have made to live close together, right? But in some areas they don’t. These areas are now full of ICUs and the mortality rate is high. Lauren, as you said, the epidemiological burden, now the burden is shifting to those who have not been vaccinated like children so far. Vaccine, because this has not yet been approved in the United States.


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