Twitch and Reddit protests may just be the beginning


How much power Do users have to influence the way technology companies manage their platforms? This week, well-known Twitch and Reddit users coordinated the actions of two vibration platforms respectively, with the purpose of making them safer to work and play in the digital space. At least in the latter case, they seem to have seen the results.

On Twitch, the top anchors went on strike on Wednesday under the banner of #ADayOffTwitch to push the company to end the continuous wave of harassment of marginalized anchors. At the same time, on Reddit, moderators made dozens of subreddit private to protest the company’s policy on Covid misinformation. In an interview with Wired magazine, the organizers were cautiously optimistic that their actions would help drive change.

“Maybe I am a dreamer,” Twitch anchor Raven said. “I think we need to normalize our ability to make real changes.”

Crows passing by Lakeraven On Twitch, he helped lead the #ADayOffTwitch project on Wednesday in response to a harassment on the platform called a hate raid-a huge, often coordinated robot attack that flooded the anchor’s text chat with paranoid irony. In the past month, trolls and their bots often entered Raven’s Twitch channel and used derogatory words in their chats, including messages such as “This channel now belongs to KKK”.The harasser also targeted and released the address and personal information of the black anchor, resulting in Reported incident Human flesh search.Although hate raids have been a long-standing issue on Twitch, this issue has Sharp escalation In the past month.

Crow last month Hashtags launched #TwitchDoBetter pressures Twitch to prevent bot accounts from harassing them. Soon after, Twitch admitted the problem. Tweet On August 11, “we knew we needed to do more to solve these problems.” The company added that they were able to “identify loopholes” in their filtering system and introduced an update to more comprehensively identify hate speech. However, the hate attack continues.

Raven is exhausted, but in their hearts it feels that it is unfair that they or any other fringe streamers must choose between doing what they like and their mental health. For people whose livelihoods partly depend on streaming media, hate attacks can also affect income. Tanya DePass, a passing Twitch anchor Tyre code, Limiting her live broadcast time from two to four days a week to one or two days. She asked: “What kind of work can take up 50% of your income, and besides going, Here are the tools we now see that these robot creators and attackers can easily navigate? “(Convulsions need The subscription revenue of co-hosts has been reduced by 50%. The breakdown of revenue sharing for donations on the platform is not clear. )

#ADayOffTwitch asked the anchor to leave the platform to raise awareness of the hate raid epidemic. According to data from TwitchTracker, compared with the same time in recent days, the number of live broadcasters on Wednesday afternoon has decreased by more than 10,000. Raven said that their goal was partially achieved: “People all over the world are talking about this. We have created a sense of unity. Twitch has responded and met with me.”

In a statement to Wired magazine, a Twitch spokesperson stated that the company supports the anchor’s “right to express themselves and draw attention to important issues in our services… We are working to improve channel-level ban avoidance Detection and other account improvements to help make Twitch a safer place for creators.”

On Reddit, users who were frustrated with Reddit’s policies also got what they wanted. Last week, the moderators of dozens of subreddits (some of them with millions of subscribers) coordinated a power outage to protest the platform’s admission of Covid false information. They switched their subreddit to private and posted a message, accusing Reddit of failing to enforce its policy on misinformation. Some people asked Reddit to remove communities that deal with false information about Covid prevention and vaccination. As we all know, these communities also cooperate with other subreddit, which means that members will jump into other subreddit and send them false information about the effectiveness of antiparasitic drugs ivermectin or vaccines. (Reddit says that /r/NoNewNormal is a large subreddit that is skeptical of scientifically proven Covid treatment, inciting about 80 such brigades in 30 days.)


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