Trump’s allies want to help Bolsonaro make Brazil great again


Brazilian politics update

High-profile supporters of Donald Trump come to Brazil to support the president Jar Bolsonaro, Because populists are preparing for next year’s re-election campaign, this campaign is regarded as a key battle for global anti-establishment rights.

A conservative political event in Brasilia over the weekend attracted hundreds of fans of far-right leaders, including a handful of international allies from the United States and other Latin American countries, including government ministers, the popular YouTuber and Comedy troupe’s bill.

One of the star speakers was Xiao Tang, the eldest son of the former US president, who gave a live video speech due to the cancellation of flights due to the interruption of the New York hurricane. He said Brazil “will make a major decision next year.”

“There are people who believe in freedom, in independence and free will,” he added, but did not clearly point out Bolsonaro. “Or, next year you can decide to take the opposite path: take the socialist path.”

After Joe Biden defeated Trump in the US presidential campaign last year, some prominent Trumpists began to see Brazil as a bastion of the populist and nationalist political brands supported by the wealthy tycoon and Bolsonaro.

“Do you know how lucky it is to make Jair Bolsonaro your president?” Charlie Grove, vice chairman of the Conservative Party of America, told attendees. “Do you know that the whole world is watching what you will do next year?”

Steve Bannon, the designer of Trump’s successful presidential campaign in 2016, recently described the Brazilian election scheduled for October next year as “the second most important election in the world.”

However, due to dissatisfaction with his government’s handling of Covid-19 and economic issues, Bolsonaro lags behind former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the polls, who is widely regarded as another A front runner. Neither has officially announced that they are candidates. The left-wing leader and his Workers’ Party are the curse of Brazil’s right-wing.

Bolsonaro has long been an admirer of Trump. He borrowed a strategy from the former US president’s script to question the integrity of Brazil’s electronic voting machines and question allegations of voter fraud. , But did not provide evidence.

This triggered a conflict with the country Supreme Court, This is one of the many angry topics in the weekend party. It will also be the target of dissatisfaction at the pro-government rally scheduled for Brazil’s Independence Day on Tuesday.

Bolsonaro made an unexpected appearance at Saturday’s event, accusing one of the unnamed judges of “contaminating our democracy” and describing the demonstration as “meeting the truth.”

“The image we wanted to give that day was not mine, nor any politician, but all of you — to show those who want to play with our constitution that they can’t keep making fun of [of it],” He said.

As the largest conservative event in the world, the American-style CPAC events on Friday and Saturday hosted the cornucopia of the Brazilian right: from monarchist restoration movements and anti-abortion activists to alternative media and comic book publishers.

Accompanied by the cheerful atmosphere and the national colors of yellow and green, there is also an interpretation of the national anthem and collective prayer. Topics discussed included condemning Marxism and threats to freedom of speech, criticizing large-scale technology, China, and Covid-19 restrictions.

Giovana Vinhas, an 18-year-old law student, said she believes her university professors have left-wing bias. “In this event, there is a chance to learn more. As I learn more, I will not be fooled, I will know how to vote.”

One of the sponsors of the event is Gettr, a recently launched social media platform that claims to defend freedom of speech. Its CEO Jason Miller is a former senior adviser to Trump.

Republican Congressman Mark Green promised to strengthen the relationship between the two countries: “You have my promise, and I will fight… even against our own government, because the relationship between Brazil and the United States is strong. Focus on this. Kind of freedom.”

Additional report by Carolina Pulice in Sao Paulo


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