These apps saved my sanity (and possibly my marriage)


After we get When I get married, my husband will forget…a lot. He would take out the trash, but forgot to put a new bag in the trash can. He would jot down a grocery list, hop into his car, and take off…There is no grocery list. He would send the children to school and then fly to work, forgetting to mention that they decided to become car passengers instead of bus passengers. These mistakes drive me crazy.

To make matters worse, I am not perfect. I have a habit of overbooking, and once or even four times booked a different place in the town in one afternoon. I’m tired of arguing, tired of upsetting my friends who promised to make time for me, completely free from the endless cycle of forgetfulness between my husband and me.

One day, I reached the end of my wisdom. I booked three times for birthday parties, lunch with friends, and dinner at my mom, and I didn’t realize it until that day. When we arrived at my mother’s house, we learned that she ran to the grocery store and locked the key at home. Even better, my husband’s forgetfulness began. He assured her that he put her spare kit in our glove box, but after wiping the car frantically, he murmured to himself that they were somewhere, and he came back empty-handed. Finally, I got over the fence and learned how to open the window by Jimmy, tearing my favorite skirt in the process.

When we got home, we were exhausted on the bed by this spectacle that has become our life. I began to wonder whether there is a magical application in this technological age for couples like us who have difficulty keeping their heads clear. Complete disclaimer: I know “there is an app that can do this” and someone is using the app-I’m not one of them. (I still use the browser version of YouTube on my phone!) However, More than 36 billion apps downloaded by users In the first quarter of 2021 alone, Google Play and Apple App Store merged. And I am about to be one of them.

After some research, I found some apps that can keep every family member (even nanny) who has a smartphone in sync with each other.

One, called queue, It sounds like our family‚Äôs dreams come true. I hesitated, he didn’t, but we all tried. One week passed, and then two weeks. Then something strange happened. The quarrel eased. The forgetfulness has alleviated. We only book one promise per day. Unless my husband forgets his phone (let’s face it, it’s like forgetting his big toe), he will never leave another shopping list. Soon, even my children begged for magic.

But this has nothing to do with the specific application. There are multiple organizational applications suitable for home use-families of any size can benefit from an application that suits them. Cozi works for us.But others like picnic with our home Having several similar features will keep you organized-all three have free versions, enough to keep your family commitments and tasks organized and running smoothly.

No matter which app you choose, you will benefit from features such as shopping lists that everyone in the family (including children) can add, so the responsibility for reporting an empty carton of milk or eggs does not fall on just one person.

Similarly, the shared calendar function, which is very suitable for the beginning of the school season, is also a life-saving straw for us. Everyone in the family can enter their personal commitments on a calendar that the whole family can view. You can set a reminder within a predetermined time to receive the reminder in advance so that no one, especially those who have promised, will miss or forget it.


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