There is a part-time-size loophole in Biden’s vaccine authorization plan


Fall into the gap: As We wrote before, Paid leave may be one of the best vaccine incentives. But again, Biden’s order only covers large employers of 100 people or more. Gig workers are not mentioned in the policy, although they will benefit the most from the policy of offsetting the loss of hourly income, and their proportion of the American labor force is growing and growing.These orders will not help the unemployed, which adds up 8.4 million American.

Why did he do this: Biden had previously bet that incentives such as money, food, and beer might help push people to get vaccinated, but 80 million people are still not vaccinated. Only 177 million Americans are fully vaccinated, accounting for only 62.5% of eligible people and only 52% of the total population. In short, he tried the carrot method-now he has chosen the big stick.

Since the United States still reports about 150,000 new cases every day, Biden seems to blame the terrible situation on people who have not been vaccinated, and he bet many people in the United States feel the same way. He said directly to those who were not vaccinated: “We have always been patient. But our patience is fading. Your refusal cost us all.”


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