The new “Matrix Resurrection” trailer regains the narrative of the red pill


Choose to have Relatively speaking, it has always been simple: Red pill or blue pillSwallowing the red light is like eating the tree of good and evil, and immediately reveals all the dark secrets of the universe. Take blue and stay in happy ignorance. In 1999, Morpheus of Laurence Fishburne showed this option to Neo of Keanu Reeves, who swallowed the red with only a hint of anxiety. The arc of his narrative changed, and a meme was born.

In the next two decades, the socio-political significance Red and blue pills A lot has evolved.Recently, the idea of ​​“red pilling” has become a metaphor for a certain political awakening, adoption by the extreme right, and Often hate women,opinion.This sentence may have reached its lowest point last year Elon Musk He sent a tweet to encourage his followers to “take the red pill.” Ivanka Trump, then presidential adviser, responded by saying “take it!” No one allowed her work to be misunderstood, Lily Wachowski-she and Her sister Lana created together matrix Franchising-Respond quickly”Fuck you two. “This is the first one, if not this First, the film creators expressed dissatisfaction with the way their creations were absorbed by the dark corners of the Internet.

Or at least until Tuesday, a mysterious new website –, making fun of the trailer that fell this morning. They are on the landing page: a red pill and a blue pill. Click the red, and the voice of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (he is playing an unnamed character, but this time seems to be playing the role of Morpheus) is saying “That can’t be further from the truth.” Click the blue, which is Neil Patrick Harris’ voice, he said, “You have lost the ability to distinguish between reality and fiction.” Harris seems to be Neo’s therapist, and he provides endless blue pills.

In the website and new trailers, the choice of medication is still common. It is easy to imagine that at different times and places, franchise creators are more willing to distance themselves from politicized and polarized creations.Lana Wachowski, who will host the upcoming Matrix resurrection solo, obviously not interested in it. Instead, she presents the world of celebrities as a place to accept reality, and it seems that a group of women and people of color are fighting for a world created in their image.

What a beautiful image this is.For those who are worried that the beauty of franchising since 2003 will be eroded Matrix revolution, Do not be afraid. The cascading part of the green code still exists, the all-black clothing option still exists, and—perhaps most importantly—there are plenty of motorcycle and car chases and bullet stops. (TL; DR: It is very sick.)

The new trailer also shows the reunion of Neo and Trinity (Kelly-Anne Moss). They seem to be living a blue pill life until they meet again in the cafe. The previous revolutionary life. It said it happened like this. At the beginning of the trailer, Neo was Thomas Anderson again, now living and working in the center of the San Francisco tech circle. He is still the battery that powers the machine.The gag is in the metaverse resurrection, Mr. Anderson could have easily worked on social media apps, spreading all these red pill memes in the first place.


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