“The Final Girl” became the best horror movie hero


Horror movies often feature “The Last Girl”, a female character who will live to the end of the movie when most or all other characters are absent. Stephen Graham Jones, author My heart is a chainsaw, Is a loyal fan of the last girl metaphor.

“The last girl is to murderers what silver bullets are to werewolves, sunlight is to vampires, and headshots are to zombies,” Jones said in episode 482. Geek Galaxy Guide podcast. “They are nature’s antidote to this cycle of violence.”

Geek Galaxy Guide host David Barr Courtley Said the last girl took advantage of our natural tendency to support the weak. “For a young woman, defeating bad guys is more like an achievement than if it were some experienced soldiers,” he said. “For such a role, this is not that big of a challenge.”

Grady Hendrix, author The Last Girl Support Group, Said that the decisive characteristic of the final girl is tenacity. “They will not give up trying, and they will not give up,” he said. “Lauri Strode [in Halloween] Not very strong or fast, Ginny is Friday the 13th part 2 Not particularly powerful. They just kept trying, they just didn’t stop. “

The last girl often appears in movies, but until recently, this analogy was not very common in books.Horror author Teresa Delucci Said that a new generation of writers is now more deeply exploring the idea of ​​the ultimate girl. “I think the final trend in girl novels is to stop observing them from the outside, but to look at their feelings, trauma, and the impact of trauma on their lives more from their own perspective,” she said. “This is how it makes it look fresh again, especially this summer.”

Listen to the full interview with Stephen Graham Jones, Grady Hendrix, and Teresa Delucci in episode 482 Geek Galaxy Guide (above). And check out some of the highlights in the discussion below.

Stephen Graham Jones Scream:

“I was a graduate student in Florida, and the agreement with myself was that I must always write before going to graduate school — I cannot participate in any social activities, nor go out or anything else. During the winter vacation in 1996, someone knocked on my door. A friend said,’Hey, let’s go to the movies. I gave him the usual excuses. I said,’Hey buddy, I’m writing a story. I’m sorry.’ He kept arguing with me and finally went with him It’s easier to watch this stupid movie than to argue with him. So I went and it turned out Scream, I just feel that my brain is rewiring, like all the homework I have done in my life is suddenly worth it. I was there for the next six nights, watched that movie again, and I have been living there ever since-reading it, writing it, watching it over and over again. “

Theresa DeLucci’s fear of women:

“One of the most uncomfortable experiences in my life was attending a horror convention, where Ruggiero Deodato Are VIPs, and Goblin playing.They showed House on the edge of the park, Fulch, Cannibal massacre,all of these. I was the only woman in the 100 audience, and it was the third movie, just like the fifth rape scene, that I got up and left. I took my boyfriend’s key and it was like,’I can’t. I can not. I came home and just sat in a dark room, feeling sick all day. I thought,’These movies are not for me. And I do think that there are more trends in movies now-we also see it in novels-the gendering of female corpses will soon cease to be a trend. “

When Grady Hendrix died:

“Death is ultimately a nameless, faceless, masked killer, with an unusual weapon-a sickle-descending in front of all of us. Death is a great equalizer. This is what I like bloody movies. One of the things, such as Friday the 13th part 2. Jason If you are a bad guy in a gang, he will kill you, if you are a good girl, he will kill you, if you are a snob, he will kill you, if you are a bad guy, he will kill you. Look at the villain, male or female, get it from Jason, watch the tough guy in the gang, male or female, threaten others, get it from Jason, and never get old. Death puts everyone in trouble. No matter how big your collar is, how many motorcycles you ride, or how big your mohawk is, Jason will hit you on the head. “

Grady Hendrix The Last Girl Support Group:

“When I was a child, I was not allowed to watch R-rated movies. I would read them and pretend that I had watched them because I didn’t want people to know that I was a loser who couldn’t see R-rated movies. When I When I was 8 years old, I managed to trick people into buying me a copy Fanglia The 12th place in April 1981, among which there are Friday the 13th part 2 On the cover. The big twist at the beginning of the second part is the last girl in the first part, Alice Hardy, played by Adrienne King, who seems to be the star of the second part, and then was eliminated after 10 minutes. She spent a normal night, she was overcoming her trauma from the first part, and then Jason just stabbed her head coldly. I really remember being shocked by how casually cruel it was. …I think part of the reason is that I identify with her for some reason. I don’t want her to die because it’s like I am dead. This is the real source of this book. “

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