The Democratic Party’s Double Standards on the Gap between the Rich and the Poor


U.S. tax update

They said that half a loaf of bread is better than nothing. This is the case with Congressional Democrats’ tax proposals this week. dilute Joe Biden’s campaign plan. But this analogy underestimates the good fortune of American billionaires, who have to succumb to some crumbs in the worst case. For a time, it seemed that the Democratic Party was going to confront inequality in the United States head-on. It has passed. Unless there is a dramatic change in party arithmetic, the super-rich seem to have secured a probation for several years.

This cannot be entirely attributed to the “moderates” of the Democratic Party, such as Joe Manchin of West Virginia. His 50th Senate vote gave him a great influence on the content of Biden’s 3.5 trillion dollar bill. Manchin will definitely reduce its size. He will also ensure that Biden’s proposal to increase the US corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% is far from meeting the requirements. Biden’s plan to almost double the U.S. capital gains tax to a maximum of 39.5% is unlikely to exceed the party’s centrists. These are the realities of having a small majority. The limits of the president’s power have never been as exposed as the money he wants from Congress.

But the loudest horn in this retreat belongs to mainstream party liberals from Democratic strongholds such as New York and California. They want to abolish the $10,000 per year state and local tax relief (Salt) cap, which will enable residents of high-tax states to offset the federal income tax they pay locally. Almost all beneficiaries of the removal of the ceiling will become wealthy.The taxpayer’s cost will reach 91 billion US dollars per year, This will not only eliminate the increase in income tax that the rich must pay under the Democratic Party plan.The richest 0.1% will get the average Tax deduction of $145,000. For the middle 60% of households, $27 per year.

This is not just bad economics-it is difficult to find an economist on the left or right who thinks this is a good idea. This is also terrible politics. In 2017, Democrats found a popular echo when criticizing the unfairness of Donald Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax cut. But abolishing the salt tax cap will be more retrogressive than Trump’s tax cuts. It will give Republicans an opportunity to easily portray Democrats as hypocrites who claim to be pro-poor while serving the foundation of wealthy donors. What’s worse is that such criticisms can’t be ridiculously wrong. How often is the Republican attack line based on facts today?

The Democrats describe their Salt plan as “relief to the middle class”-now it is “pandemic relief”, which is of no avail. It was the Republicans who replaced “tax cuts” with “tax cuts” to make it sound better. The Democrats are accepting it verbatim. “When the Democrats say this is a relief for the middle class, what exactly is their definition of’middle class’?” asked Richard Reeves, a fellow of the Brookings Institution and a scholar of American elitism . “Is the words meaningless?” There is no doubt that for partisan reasons, Trump set the $10,000 cap on Salt to punish wealthy liberals in the Democratic states. He has moved his residence to Florida. Many wealthy New Yorkers followed suit in the pandemic. Removal of this cap will not make Democrats anti-Trump. This will only make them rich.

The entire bill will still greatly improve America’s safety net. The pandemic child tax credit will become permanent. Early childhood education will be universal, bringing the United States into line with other developed countries. If Manchin does not remove its green elements, the bill will mark a big step for Biden to reduce US net carbon emissions goals.

But it is also important to emphasize what it does not do. By slightly increasing the capital gains tax and choosing not to tax the appreciation of inherited assets, this will allow the reality of the American chaebolism to be maintained.The share of billionaires’ wealth rises Account for one-third to 19% of GDP Since the beginning of the epidemic. For a long time, now is the most mature opportunity to correct late Romanesque inequality in the United States. The fact that the Democrats are so timid says everything.


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