The 60s-style islands in’Deathloop’ deserve closer inspection


“Talentino is another influence,” Milton continued. “He covered the 1960s, and he has these incredibly colorful and influential characters. The aesthetic is that simple, we remember all these scenes and characters. Other movies may be a little muddier. Since then. Endless loop It’s all about remembering, and I think this is a good support. In order to advance the story, you must remember, and you must take your memory from one cycle to the next. So it’s important to have this simplicity. We don’t want a complicated game. Visually speaking, there are too many things to do. “

Isolated island

Endless loopThe island is a strange combination of modernist architecture and Scottish stone castles-this seems familiar to visitors from Dunwell from Arkane’s previous game shame——And a severe, treeless landscape. On the Faroe Islands that Arkane mentioned in the trailer, Mitton told me that they wanted to capture the isolated landscape of northern Scotland (pictured) Short film Scottish trials cyclist legend Danny MacAskill (Danny MacAskill)). “At the same time, we are also looking for other places where the environment is cold. Mainly around two poles,” Milton explained. “Obviously I can’t just buy a ticket, so I will use Street View to walk around on Google Earth.”

Milton has a few eye-catching places, such as the Falkland Islands near Argentina. “The mountain structure there is striking. It is very desolate, without trees, and not particularly attractive. There are also some places in northern Russia-gas stations are very desolate and it takes a full week to get there. There are even some towns built in 60s. Years. They almost look like they came from Half-Life 2. There you have all these shops and casinos, because when you go there, for a whole year, planes and boats don’t just come and go. “

Arkane is keen to capture the idea of ​​this extremely isolated but relatively mature settlement. In addition to having evil lairs, concrete shelters and secret laboratories, Blackreve also has its own playground complex, rooftop bar, and even a refurbished luxurious castle with dance floor and comedy club. It also crawls with hedonistic eternalists who are keen to make the most of the recurring cycle of time by hosting a timeless, hallucinogen-fueled party.

“Like in the movie matter: The incident happened in a place far away from the rest of the world, and you only pay attention to what happened there,” Milton said. And narrative. “

The color of the building

In terms of architecture, Endless loop Based on the beginning of Arkane shame“Our goal for Dunwall is to make it very cold and dark,” Milton said. “with Endless loop, We want to compare it with the 60s and colors. The walls, interior design, and NPCs on the island began to show colors. It kind of shows their inner life; they want to live forever and have this eternal party.

“Every day will be a party, you can kill or die, it doesn’t matter. Everything is easy, we hope it’s obvious. So we painted the whole building, a bit like some of the bars you see in England. Very vivid. There are also movies Highland drifter, With Clint Eastwood. There was a scene where he came to protect a village. Everything in the village was painted red, right in the middle of the desert. It’s really beautiful, we thought, okay, let’s continue this way! “


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