Shell weighs vaccine authorization and dismissal of resistant employees


Covid-19 vaccine update

According to an internal memo sent to the executive committee of the oil giant, Royal Dutch Shell is weighing whether to mandate vaccinations for employees and dismiss those who refuse to comply.

This document, dated September 1st, outlines cases of “selective vaccine authorization”, which was initially where workers lived and worked in offshore and other remote areas and met other standards, including those approved by the World Health Organization. vaccine.

The memo stated that employees in other parts of the company may receive mandatory vaccinations “over time.”

The document stated: “For employees who refuse to comply with the vaccine regulations, we will make all reasonable efforts to avoid firing them, but we have no choice but to do so.”

Faced with a surge in cases of the Delta coronavirus variant, uneven access to vaccines around the world, and the resistance of certain countries to jabs, some of the world’s largest employers are struggling to cope with corporate vaccine policies.

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Last month, U.S. oil producers Hess and Chevron Said they will require some of their employees, including those working offshore the Gulf of Mexico, to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

investment bank Goldman Sachs The vaccination certificate will be required from next month, and professional services company Deloitte said that from October 11, all employees must be vaccinated before entering US facilities.

Shell declined to comment. The British “Financial Times” saw its memo carefully avoiding firm opposition to the broader Covid-19 vaccination authorization, outlining the arguments for and against the new policy, and then recommended mandatory injections only in those specific circumstances.

The memorandum stated that Shell should not become a “pioneer” but should “keep pace with the government and society on this controversial issue.” A person familiar with the matter said that members of the executive committee discussed the issue of mandatory vaccination on Friday.

According to the memorandum, the company’s trade and supply departments have required mandatory vaccination of employees “because social distancing cannot be achieved on the trading floor”, while some people have also called for “at the docks, warehouses and production bases”.

The memo said that although the number of people opposed to enforcement is “probably small,” those who are resistant to vaccination will be “noisy,” adding that due to the low vaccination rate in the U.S. Gulf region, the number of opponents may be Will be more. The area.

Carnegie Mellon University Learn A paper published earlier this year found that oil and gas workers were hesitant about vaccines.

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