Prosecutors seek charges against the Prime Minister of Haiti in the presidential assassination


Haiti Update

A senior prosecutor said Tuesday that there is sufficient evidence to accuse the prime minister Ariel Henry Related to the assassination of former President Jovenel Moïse, his murder plunged the Caribbean countries into political turmoil.

Prosecutor Bedford Crowder asked the judge to prosecute Henry and bar him from leaving the country. “There are enough compromise elements… According to the Associated Press, Claude wrote in his request.

Henry has not yet commented on the developments. He was appointed prime minister for the first time by Moise on July 5. Two days later, Moise was killed by a commando at home, triggering a political crisis.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Claude Joseph (Claude Joseph) under diplomatic pressure gave this position to Henry on July 20 as acting prime minister. The so-called “core group”-representatives of several major powers including the United States, the United Nations, and former colonial power France-said that Henry should be given this job.

According to Bedford Crowder, Henry had two telephone conversations with him a few hours after the assassination. Joseph Felix Badio, A former Justice Department official listed as the main suspect in the assassination by Colombian police, is currently on the run.

Claude said he tried to meet Henry but failed, so he can explain the calls, which were made between 4 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. on July 7, during the assassination. A few hours later. The prosecutor said that his evidence against the prime minister came from the recording of the call.

More than 40 suspects were arrested during the investigation into the murder of Moyes, including a dozen former Colombian soldiers. Accused of being a mercenaryThe police are still trying to track down other suspects, including Badio.

Moys assassinated To plunge Haiti into deeper chaos Politicians, business leaders and powerful gang leaders are fighting for power amid escalating violence and terrible food and fuel shortages. Moise’s widow accused her husband’s domestic opponents of organizing the killing for political and commercial reasons.

Since the killing, southern Haiti has also suffered 7.2 magnitude earthquake Killed more than 2,000 people and destroyed thousands of houses. The more devastating earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people a decade ago left the country deeply involved.


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