Pro-Bolsonaro set will put Brazil on the edge


Brazilian politics update

On Tuesday, tens of thousands of supporters of Brazilian President Bolsonaro gathered in the country’s largest city for demonstrations to inspire support for the populist leader.

The rally took place in cities including the capital Brasilia and Sao Paulo, the financial center, as Bolsonaro Get angry His base in recent months Radical movement Opposing several Supreme Court judges, he accused them of ultra vires.

The former captain also Doubtful Brazil’s electronic voting system says it is prone to fraud and threatens to cancel the election next year if it does not modify the system to include printed paper ballot receipts.

The tense political atmosphere has raised concerns that the rally may turn into violence, or that demonstrators may rush into the Supreme Court in response to Donald Trump’s supporters’ attack on the U.S. Capitol this year.

Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, Brasilia © AP

On Sunday, the federal police arrested a supporter of the president who made death threats against Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes.Morais caused his anger after Bolsonaro order As part of the investigation of “fake news,” the president will be investigated.

The police also expanded the security details of Luís Roberto Barroso. Luís Roberto Barroso was another judge who was blamed on the president’s unfounded voters The fraud allegations have repeatedly clashed with Bolsonaro.

Jair Bolsonaro and his family arrived at the Presidential Palace on Tuesday for the flag-raising ceremony of Brazil’s Independence Day

Bolsonaro arrived at the Presidential Palace on Tuesday to participate in the flag-raising ceremony of Brazil’s Independence Day © AP

On Monday, dressed in the green and yellow of the Brazilian flag, thousands of his most loyal supporters poured into Brasilia, crowding hotels throughout the city. Dozens of double-decker buses are parked on the wide boulevards of the inland capital. These buses transport supporters from remote towns hundreds of kilometers away.

Bolsonaro observed the Brasilia rally from a helicopter on Tuesday morning and then addressed the crowd from the top of the truck.He did free– Freedom-the theme of the day. His supporters said that the Supreme Court violated their personal freedom and adopted the slogan: “The people are supreme.”

“No matter where they are, our country cannot be the hostage of one or two people,” Bolsonaro said in a video released from the presidential palace on Tuesday morning. “These two people are either obedient or ignored in public life.

“There is only one rule of the game: respect our constitution and freedom of speech,” he added.

Although Tuesday was Brazil’s National Independence Day holiday, Bolsonaro’s popularity dropped sharply because his anti-democratic remarks frightened many former supporters, especially business people.

A poll conducted by the Atlas Institute on Monday showed that Bolsonaro’s rejection rate reached a record 61%, while his approval rate was 24%. Recent polls also indicate that if the elections originally scheduled for October next year are held now, the right-wing leader will lose substantially to his main political opponent, former left-wing President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. watt.

On the Brazilian version of Wall Street’s Faria Lima Avenue in Sao Paulo, executives quietly admitted that political turmoil is damaging investor sentiment and inhibiting investment interest in Latin America’s largest economy.

Political analysts say Bolsonaro intends to use the rally to unite his base and show that he still has strong political support.

Alcio Burke, a former truck driver from the southern state of Rio Grande, said he drove 2,000 kilometers to Brasilia to show his support for the president.

“They need to let him do his job. STF [Supreme Court] Is going beyond its scope of responsibility. They need to act within the four lines of the constitution,” he added.

Eliezer do Rosa Lorentz said he traveled 12 hours from the Midwestern agricultural state of Mato Grosso do Sul to Sao Paulo. He said he would like to see a new Congress and the removal of Supreme Court judges.

“They don’t represent us in any way,” he added, as demonstrators crowded the main roads of the city.

“We don’t want to end like Venezuela. Our freedom is threatened,” said Edna Figueiredo from Brasilia. “The Supreme Court does not work for the people. They made laws against the people.”


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