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The most urban creature I know has become a serious climber. Another friend, a friend who ate out, is now an avid home cook. Both reported lasting changes in outlook as habits change. In the past 18 months, both are relatively mild cases of personal evolution.

For more radical people, there is a complete genre of news.How do we spoil you because of the doubts raised by the blockade: the defensiveness of cities, tourism, whether social interaction is worth a try, the wisdom of regular schools for children, the utility of economic growth, the concept of work short, Seeing the desirability of people’s faces, whether sex is so interesting anyway, and the prospect of “returning” to the lowest point in human history, 2019.

Most of it is damp but harmless introspection. An industry insider, Matthew IglesiasIt is correct that journalism increasingly reflects the “99th percentile of neuroticism”. However, if we can see it, the rest frame the blockade as a disguised gift to the species, it is tasteless.Somewhere, a cruel satirist is writing a play called Oh! What a lovely curfew.

Either way, the pressure is on those who have a platform to share their own locked insights. And it was at this point that I had to take out a pair of empty pockets. It’s not so much a column as a confession, I know, but I stand in front of you as a constant person.

To be clear, the pandemic is not a problem in itself. No one can or should not get out of the shock of world history without a strong sense of the transience of life. It is the blockade, the pause in “busy,” that has been infused with more meaning than it can bear. In the beginning, the high-profile prank about banana bread turned into a sour reassessment of modernity by its main winners: educated people, urban people, and migrants.

In fact, it is really regrettable to say that I have entered the blocked world and have no new views on life. But it is there. I want to go out as much as before, thank you. I will travel as much as possible as the friction of the new rules allows. If some urbanites desire Arcadia life, I encourage them to find it in obvious places instead of letting the city cater to their tastes. As far as my change is concerned, it is moving in a faster and more enthusiastic direction: spending my forties in a big Asian city is the goal now, which has never been done before.

There is no doubt that my failure to carry out the Damascus blockade shows my lack of imagination. But which party is more stubbornly trapped here? What stands out about the great odysseys of souls that I have been reading is their familiarity. Urban people always tend to believe in nature worship. Families have always tended to fly in the city. The boredom of middle-aged people is always disguised as some fault of the outside world. What’s new is the respect that this attitude has gained in the past year and a half. In other words, the blockade has not changed these people, just as it has changed me. It just makes existing impulses dignified.

If this is just a grating, we can attribute it to taste.But there is an anti-modern context in the middle nice Must watch like an eagle. Last year, I met a sentient adult who was born long after the birth of science. He “in my heart” believes that the virus is nature “sending information” about our way of life. This mysterious hokum is a friend-who has remained the same since 2020-called “mind obesity.” This happens when there is an excess of education and an excess of leisure. After being unbearable, it’s dangerous.

A columnist, Matthew Paris, quotation marks A reader of The New York Times described the immortality of the blockade: “The middle-class people hide, and the working-class people bring them something.” No wonder some people in the First Tribe romanticized the definition of necessary evil.I’ve been thinking about robert duval Apocalypse Now“One day,” he said sadly to his opponent, “this war will end.”

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