No, “The Kingdom of Lovecraft” does not require the second season


In the seventh plot Lovecraft Country, A black woman, surrounded by a lot of luminous equations, she scribbles frantically to find a solution for a machine that will soon cross the dimension of time and space. The audience saw Hippolyte, a housewife played by Aunjanue Ellis, calling herself the discoverer of the new world-embracing an identity that would not normally appear on black Americans in science fiction (and historically related to White colonists have more connections). This is a powerful example of the show’s biggest selling point: the transcendence of metaphors that often plague black characters in movies.

Produced by the show host Misha Green, Lovecraft Country It was a dark fantasy series that premiered on HBO in August last year. It is based on Matt Ruff’s 2016 novel of the same name, which reimagines the otherworldly horror of the known racist HP Lovecraft through the eyes of the blacks of Jim Crow in the 50s. Jonathan Majors plays Atticus “Tic” Freeman, a Korean War veteran who, with the help of his lover Letitia “Leti” Lewis (Jurnee Smollett), returns to his hometown to find his missing father Montrose (the late Michael K. Williams) Decorated). The three were quickly embroiled in a story driven by monsters, racialized horrors, and Tic’s accidental inheritance magic.

In July, HBO Announce Suddenly—to the disappointment of fans—the series will not return in the second season.Less than two weeks later, the TV Academy nominated Lovecraft Country Won 18 Emmy Awards, The news that made HBO’s decision look even more unwise. Angry viewers expressed their dissatisfaction on social media. “Lovecraft Country Won 18 Emmy nominations, but HBO canceled it,” A Twitter user wrote“Shit is meaningless.”

But it may be true. Lovecraft Country Put forward his own point of view. It enables a group of black heroes to fight against the power of magic, racism, and privileges possessed by evil whites.Instead of the black character we were expecting to die soon Some In horror films, it uses Quentin Tarantino-level pulp bloody smell to treat its white characters.with Lovecraft Country With an excellent cast, exquisite photography, first-class visual effects, and a soundtrack covering various styles from Nina Simone to Cardi B, it’s all done. No need for the second season; Considering the extent to which it fell apart at the end of the first run, the second time may only tarnish its good reputation.

A gripping story has its twists and turns, but those twists and turns must be coherent enough to follow. Lovecraft Country It is full of rich storylines, many of which are planted at will and are never satisfactorily fulfilled because there is no room for actual depth. Its mission is to compress every black historical event and cultural reference into its complex plot: the Tulsa genocide, the Trumbull Park riots in Chicago, the lynching of Emmet Till, the existence of Sunset Town, and The published Green Book of Motorists by blacks, to name a few. Sometimes it works; other times it feels contrived. Always, it feels too much.

This may just be an artifact of the original material-after all, this book is an intricate collection of short stories.But it’s like these writers Lovecraft Country It was impossible to decide whether the show should be a serial or a melodrama, so it ended up being a strange mixture of the two. Or it may be the case that there are too many chefs in the kitchen: the plot becomes unnecessarily thick at the beginning of the fourth episode, when Misha Green is no longer the only name listed in the story credits. When we saw Hippolyte’s exploratory montage in episode seven—despite the amazing witnesses—the plot really went off track. It feels vague and out of touch; the audience does not know what will happen next until the repeated viewing, and the fragments will merge together.


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