Misinformation protests, pediatric cases and more coronavirus news


Reddit users protest Misinformation and pediatric cases are on the rise, and countries are changing travel recommendations. Here is what you should know:

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Reddit moderators protest the rise of Covid misinformation online

In the past week, dozens of Reddit moderators coordinated power outages to protest the company’s Relaxed policy on Covid false information, Make their subreddits private and publish messages criticizing the platform. Reddit initially responded to the statement about the importance of freedom of speech, but on Wednesday changed course and isolated 54 subreddit that rejected Covid, adding more circles that people need to skip to join and restrict the spread of content. It also banned /r/NoNewNormal, a large subreddit that has been quarantined since mid-August because it sent false information about the virus to other communities.

An example of misinformation circulating on Reddit and elsewhere is the trend of vaccine hesitation People taking ivermectin, An antiparasitic drug commonly used in livestock to treat or prevent diseases.Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have Warning against using the drug, Which has not been proven to be a remedy that may cause serious illness, just this week Joe Logan Said that he took it after testing positive for Covid-19.

Pediatric cases continue to rise, causing concern from parents and officials

Last week, children accounted for 22.4% of Covid-19 cases reported every week in the United States, while Child case rate On the rise.Plus the beginning of the school year and Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) cases surge, People are increasingly worried The urgency of protecting children, Especially when the pediatric hospital experience “Unprecedented pressure.” CDC recommends that all students, teachers, faculty, staff, and school visitors, regardless of vaccinations, should wear masks indoors.And the U.S. Department of Education is Survey five states They are worried that their mask ban may discriminate against students with disabilities and their health conditions, making them more susceptible to Covid-19.

With the increase in pediatric cases, some parents, doctors and scientists have been arguing about the ethical issues of vaccinating their children Take out the “off-label” lens, Or for some reason or to provide drugs to groups that were not studied during the approval process. Now that Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine has been fully approved by the FDA, this may be possible-but most experts and officials strongly object.

Changing restrictions and holiday weekends affect travel

Earlier this week, the EU voted Change travel restrictions, Especially the removal of the United States from the list of safe countries for non-essential travel. These are recommendations, and each member state decides whether to implement them and how to implement them. This change is likely to affect unvaccinated Americans. The United States has not yet reopened to tourists from the European Union, the CDC Seven new locations added This week’s list of the most risky destinations includes Switzerland and Puerto Rico.The agency also Urge Americans to be cautious This holiday weekend, especially those who have not been vaccinated.

All the changing agreements and uncertainties surrounding pandemic travel are a boon for an industry: trip consultantA recent survey of American tourists found that after the pandemic is over, approximately 17% of people may receive professional help when booking a trip for the first time.

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Video game tutorials may be too complicated, useless, or just annoying.But even so, they still It’s more necessary now than ever.

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Decades ago, evolutionary biologists Richard Lewontin makes waves Study the genetic overlap between different ethnic groups and conclude that many of the differences that define us in society are not reflected in our DNA. Lewontin may have passed away this summer, but his work has lasting significance.

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If you have a child who is going back to school this fall, you will most likely need to update your mask collection.Here are some of our Children’s favorite face mask.

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Why did the surge in Covid in Florida cause water supply disruptions?

The pandemic is worse than ever in Florida. Last week, the Tampa Bay Water Supply Company announced that it was unable to properly treat water due to a large amount of liquid oxygen entering the Covid ward of the hospital; the plant’s supply was reduced by about half. There are two ways to use liquid oxygen: Disinfect the water and prevent it from emitting an unpleasant smell. Officials insist that the quality of drinking water is still safe. But they may substitute other things for oxygen to improve the smell of water and encourage people to limit water use when a pandemic is raging. Another thing Floridans can do is improve the situation, if they haven’t already? Go get a vaccine.

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