Marina Le Pen aims at the “Talibanization” of France


French presidential election update

The populist French far-right leader Marine Le Pen launched a fierce attack on the “arrogant” President Emmanuel Macron and promised to restore her so-called “drug housing complex” and “Talibanization” when she took office. “Regional law and order. Election in 2022.

On Sunday, in Fréjus on the Mediterranean coast, she said to her anti-immigration National Unity Party cheering elected politicians: “There will be no places in France where the law does not apply.” “We will eradicate gangs and mafia and all. Those who want to impose rules and lifestyles that do not belong to us, whether they belong to Islamists or not.”

Opinion polls show that Le Pen and the current Macron-he started as a liberal in 2017, is “neither right nor left” but has been seen as right-leaning in recent months-in the presidential election to be held in April. Leading in the middle.

The far-right and center-right have put law and order and immigration control at the core of their campaigns — the 2015 trial of the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris and the arrival of Afghan refugees that began last week highlighted these issues.Taliban takeover – although Macron is said to have a divisive and arrogant personality Attacked by opposition politicians from right to left.

The Spanish-born mayor of the Paris Socialist Party, Anne Hidalgo, also launched a campaign in the northern city of Rouen on Sunday, promising to build a “fairer, stronger and safer” France.

Hidalgo is expected to win less than 10% of the votes in the first round of the presidential election, while Macron and Le Pen both get more than 20% of the votes, but she is consideredHe is the best candidate to win the support of the Green Party and the extreme left When the others of the approximately 30 possible candidates finally withdrew. Last week, she called on potential supporters of the left to say that teachers’ salaries can be at least doubled.

“The presidency that is now coming to an end should have united the French, but it has divided them in an unprecedented way,” Hidalgo told supporters during an attack on Macron’s record at the Rouen pier by the Seine. “It was supposed to solve social problems, but it made them worse. It was supposed to protect our planet, but it ignored the environment.”

Macron himself has not formally announced himself as a re-election candidate, but his advisers said that he plans to run for the election again and will have untested and untested management of his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting economic crisis. Le Pen.

Under the French system, only two competitors can enter the second and final rounds unless one person wins more than half of the votes in the first round. Macron won the second round of battle with Le Pen in 2017, and if he faces her again, he is expected to achieve the same victory next year, albeit to a lesser extent.

Le Pen steadily “detoxifies” her party image Since taking over from her anti-Semitist father Jean-Marie ten years ago. She eased RN’s policy on race and its hostility to the EU, but was still hindered by the reluctance of many French to vote for an extremist-related party, which is still often known by its old name “National Front”.

This is why she handed over the leadership of the party on Sunday Jordan Badra, A rising star in the party and a member of the European Parliament, and why her campaign poster did not mention RN, but only showed a photo of her with the slogan “Freedom, Dear Freedom”.She has stated that she will seek to form a If elected, the National Unity Government.

“We now know who Emmanuel Macron is and what he represents,” she told reporters in Frejus over the weekend, while she also polished her French nationalism certificate. “The French seem to want to choose between him and me. This is really a choice between globalism and nationalism.”


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