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Joe Biden Update

Bring it down to a high-caffeine medium. A few weeks ago, Joe Biden’s presidency was widely praised as a victory. The coronavirus is retreating. The US economy is recovering. Democrats look forward to passing Biden’s ambitious economic bill before the early fall. The sloppy comparison between Biden and Franklin Roosevelt is talked about.

A few weeks of frustration changed everything.The rampant Delta variant has weakened consumer sentiment and created a Bad job reportThe prediction of the Democratic Party’s failure in next year’s midterm elections is now commonplace, which will turn Biden into a lame duck. Suddenly, people announced Biden’s “Failed president“. Others are recording”How Delta Air Lines defeated Biden“.

Logging him out now is as overly nervous as keeping a premature position in Mount Rushmore. The turning point occurred on the weekend of July 4th. That was Biden’s failure to achieve the goal of vaccinating 70% of Americans with Covid-19. He missed a few weeks. The vaccination rate in the United States is now 75%. Although it lags behind most of Europe, it is not a disaster. But missing deadlines is inexcusable, especially if you work in the media.

However, Biden’s biggest setback is the clumsy nature of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The withdrawal from Bagram Air Force Base on July 2 occurred before the August 31 deadline he set himself. But the way it happened undermined Biden’s reputation for ability, which may be his most important quality in defeating Donald Trump. No amount of special appeals from the White House can change the fact that the United States withdraws from harming American interests. Since then, Biden’s approval rating has dropped by about 6 percentage points, which is very steep. In terms of media narratives, his presidency is now in free fall.

Afghans outside Kabul Airport on August 26 tried to contact foreign troops to prove their credentials and fled the country ©Akhter Gulfam/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

This narrative should not be taken too seriously. Those with medium memory will remember the presidency that Bill Clinton announced after his defeat in mid-1994. Clinton even had to remind Americans that the President of the United States is still important. He served another six years. Barack Obama also announced his death many times before being re-elected. Sometimes such obituaries are well-founded.For example, there is no doubt that Trump Sink In the early stages of the pandemic, when he supported the quack amid increasing death toll, his re-election prospects.

Nothing Biden faces can be compared with it. Despite the shortcomings, Afghanistan’s withdrawal is still welcomed by the American public, even though the president personally took a blow to his handling of it. In the next few weeks, we will find out whether he can pass his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion “American Family Plan”, which will have a significant impact on working Americans. “Family planning” is the real test of his destiny. One of the reasons why most Republicans oppose the first bill and unanimously oppose the second bill is because they know how popular they will be.

Biden is likely to fall into this obstacle. The Democrats split into the left, led by Bernie Sanders who thinks the bill is too small compared to what Biden promised, and centrists such as Joe Manchin who think the bill is too big. Manchin recently called for a “strategic suspension” of larger bills in support of only passing infrastructure bills. This will not be washed away with the party’s leftists, which connect one person’s passage with another.

In practice, Manchin’s vote in the 50:50 Senate is crucial, and he is striving for it. In the history of the United States, no major domestic legislation has not been considered hopeless in the process of being passed. Biden’s larger bill may be reduced by one trillion dollars or more, and then enacted before the end of this year. From now to then, there will be more thunderbolts and lightning. Will Biden return to being the next Roosevelt?

The answer is no. Talking about him resetting American capitalism is always unbelievable. These bills will improve the safety net of the United States, not change its nature. But they will also make the lives of millions of Americans less unstable, which is good in itself and also very helpful for the ballot box. Whether this is enough to avoid Trumpism is another matter. At the same time, Biden should neither be considered desperate nor declared as the savior of our time. Like most presidents, he is somewhere in between.

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