I’m stuck in “The Witcher 3” and I hate it here


a couple of hours Enter The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Obviously: I have been stuck. It’s not that I don’t know where to go or how to get there, I’m just not motivated. Upgrading in this game-like many AAA action-adventure RPG-style games today-is arduous, endless side missions and enemy battles. At the same time, I am a long-term single-level person, always eager to be one or two levels higher than the recommended level for a given task.for The Witcher 3 This led to the inevitable situation: getting into trouble.

Training and upgrading is nothing new. Happily, it is a bit less monotonous than before.Going back in time, it just means fighting one after another, trying to accumulate those precious points (Hello, each Final fantasy game). Now, in addition to direct combat, games usually provide you with more ways to do this. But that doesn’t mean it’s not monotonous, especially when you’re just starting to mash new things with buttons.

In other words, grinding is a big and stupid chore. Not only that, when you are just trying to understand your direction and master the game mechanics, this is also a big and stupid chore in the precious early time of the game. When you are dragged into the sequel and have not played the first few episodes (Wild hunt Is my first time to set foot in wizard Franchise; sue me), these early moments are even more indispensable for grasping what is happening. It can be troublesome to spend them on grinding.

Unfortunately, with The Witcher 3,This is inevitable. As soon as I completed the first main mission, I reached another area on the world map, which was seriously insufficient. When the game started, I did not complete enough side tasks (many of them expired after I completed the first task; Oops), now I am facing an uphill battle.

I admit: sometimes it is useful to upgrade through training. These side missions enable players to find new combat mechanisms and try new combat techniques with little risk. Exploring the map can bring a lot of fun, and you can add experience points. I even think this is an indispensable part of the game; what is the point if you play open world games without deviating from the norm?

This is not to complain about having to do something that is not the main task (let me make it clear, I am Absolutely Complain here).This is about being Required Do these things.Incredible things The Witcher 3 How big is it; the world is big, and there are new things in every corner of the map. The flip side of such a large game is that it can feel overwhelming. Focusing on the main tasks from the beginning is necessary to familiarize yourself with the game, and excessive training can be distracting.This is likely an intentional game mechanic: the developer may have made a choice to encourage the timid players to explore the wider world The Witcher 3 Before continuing their exploration. It’s fair, and it’s a good thing to challenge yourself in certain ways while playing games. But this does not change the fact that I hate it.I want to play this title in this way A generation Want-don’t venture into the unseen realm against my will. Grinding may be a necessary evil, but it shouldn’t be a tedious thing.

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