How to trade in or sell your iPhone (2021)


Wherever you are A new market iPhone 13 Or plan to use the iPhone 13 Pro to make it bigger. Don’t throw the aging phone in the drawer when upgrading. Sell ​​your iPhone! That old glass is more valuable than you think.

There are many services that can provide you with cash or store credit for a used iPhone. We compared some popular services for trading old equipment. Most of these services also accept Samsung and Google devices, and all use the iPhone.

Update September 2021: We have updated mobile phones and pricing.

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Tips for getting high resale prices

If you want the maximum resale value of your phone, please keep it one Good case (Check our guide Choose a good phone case) And consider using a screen protector (AmFilm protector works well). They will make your device look like new, which is the best way to ensure you get as much revenue as possible when you sell it.

Always buy an unlocked phone. This not only allows you to switch operators freely, but when you sell it, you will get more revenue. Unlocked phones can work on any wireless network that they have antenna support. There is no reason to tie yourself to an operator. Generally, unless the carrier tells you that your phone is unlocked, it may not, especially if you purchased it through a payment plan.

The last thing to do before you run to cash out your old phone is Back up all your data Use iCloud. Make sure to check the option to back up your information so that iCloud can store your text messages, which sometimes include photos and videos that you haven’t saved to your camera roll.If you have an Apple Watch, please remember to unpair and Wipe phone data as well as.

1. Best for original iPhone


Various eBay clones, Swapa Try to eliminate some of the problems associated with eBay: high seller fees, poor seller-buyer communication tools, and too many low-quality equipment. Unless the iPhone is in good condition, fully functional and undamaged, you will not be able to sell your iPhone here.

As long as your phone is compatible with Swappa Listing criteria And you are willing to put in a little effort, this is where you get the most benefit for your old equipment. Just like on eBay, you need to keep the listing together with the photos. Be sure to remove the phone case from the phone and be honest about the situation. Remember to consider shipping costs when setting the sales price.

Currently, the 64GB iPhone 12 is priced at approximately US$650. The price of the iPhone 11 ranges from US$450 to US$540, depending on storage capacity and conditions.

2. Best for reliable cash


antelope Is a veteran in the field of second-hand mobile phones. The company started buying mobile phones in 2006, and the process is the simplest.


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