How pets can comfort the sad generation


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Princess Diana called it a “moving carpet”. In the weeks after her death, no one else was so tolerant of the Royal Corgi. Here, it is also mentioned that the horse theory is a family, which covers all creatures of all sizes except humans.

Don’t think that it lacks purchases outside of England, a metaphor for this hobby of blue blood. “That’s what you have to remember about the Hornets,” Gordon Geko said, shaking his dazzling head on Wall Street. “They like animals. They can’t stand people.”

How elite tastes cascade down. The proliferation of dog parks, the huge pet service industry: any reader will never forget these trends. However, I think you must be single or otherwise eclectic to know the strange intensity of what is happening. This is a world where pet policies in apartment buildings can make or break. This is an era-the most exciting phrases in the language, these-“dog mother” and “dog father”.

This is before you enter the Alexander Empire established by pets online. Hector Bellerin (Hector Bellerin) participates in the world’s most beloved highest level sports, or similar sports. With his interest in fashion and politics, his voice is comparable to Barnet and Barcelona, ​​and he has the most interesting YouTube channel of all the athletes I know. The number of subscribers to the Russian cat Hosico has more than doubled.

I like furry quadrupeds as much as the next man.I still skip this Human Factors, Graham Green’s tightest yarn, the mutiny spy must deal with his dog on the way to Moscow. If I, with the sentimentality of urbanites towards animals, stand beside the enthusiasm outside, the line has been crossed.

In the United States, the percentage of millennials who own pets is higher than that of baby boomers. However, what distinguishes the ownership of one generation from the ownership of another is not so much quantity as style. Pets used to be the symbol of the suburbs, now they are the symbol of the metropolis. It used to be an accessory to the family, and now it is usually a substitute for the family. I grew up on the street, where pets are regarded as a rough favorite. I am now moving between the sprinkler and the grunting, cheering at each mouse caught, as if a child had brought home a useful picture of a potato. It is difficult to know whether generation is the crux here or class.

Both young and old pet owners tend to be solipsistic. Both assume that everyone welcomes the attention of animals. Both want you to laugh because your Kooples shirt is covered with hard-to-wash fibers.But only one generation will name this creature and its species interestOnly one person will define their relationship with it as not as exclusive as the quasi-pastoral.

My snob occupies a lot of space, hoping to see this pet worship as an extended puberty. It is a paragraph: middle-aged high-profile, double degree can write a children’s book at any time, and pretend that the TV series have the weight and texture of Luchino Visconti’s works. But this is by no means the whole truth.

No, it is worse than that. You only need to briefly meet a millennial who likes pets, and you will feel that this is not a whim of indulgence. This is a filled hole. There is a peculiar sadness in life. Although it is beautiful or even great according to world standards, it does not go according to plan. For some people, it’s about being single reluctantly. For others, the drag is reluctant marriage. Career disappointment is usually part of the mix. Regardless of the specific circumstances of the tragic situation, it often begins earlier than people usually think-in their thirties. When it happens, pets are of far-reaching importance as escape and comfort. Putting on a beagle is very stressful. Two generations ago, it may have been religion, volunteer work, or local distribution that played a role.

Their dogs or cats are the only warm-blooded mammals that some successful peers can rely on, or they don’t have to walk on eggshells. Understanding this, it is not surprising that our time is full of pet pets that embarrass Barbara Cattelan. Whether humans are as profitable as beasts is unclear.

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