“Green Knight” is not for everyone


David Lowry’s new movie Green knight A modern interpretation of the classic King Arthur story “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”.Fantasy writer Laura Elena Donnelly Appreciate the surreal and dreamlike quality of this movie.

Donnelly said in episode 483: “I like to live in the world of movies like this. The movie doesn’t really tell me,’This is what is happening now, and this is why it happened'” Geek Galaxy Guide podcast. “In the process, this is a crazy journey.”

Fantasy writer Christopher M. Sebasco I like some aspects of this movie, but in the end I found it difficult to connect with it. “There will definitely be such an element that will stay with me-a truly powerful visual scene will upset me,” he said. “But in the end this is all my memory of this movie, the visual effects. Everything else has disappeared from my memory.”

Geek Galaxy Guide host David Barr Courtley Warned Green knight Only for the Art House crowd. “This is a movie, and if people like it,’Should I go to this movie?’ I would say,’What do you think of pretentious movies?'” he said. “If you like pretentious movies, you definitely want to see them. 100%. If you hate pretentious movies and can’t stand them, then don’t watch this, you won’t like it at all.”

Fantasy writer Irene Lindsay Mixed feelings Green knight, But appreciating it has a strong artistic vision. “I hope to see more of these things,” she said. “I want to see more real fantasies of swinging for the fence, rather than ruminating the same old things over and over again.”

Listen to the full interview with Lara Elena Donnelly, Christopher M. Cevasco, and Erin Lindsey in episode 483 Geek Galaxy Guide (above). And check out some of the highlights in the discussion below.

David Barr Courtley on David Lowry:

“I’m right [The Green Knight], But when I watched it for the first time, I was really angry. When I got home, my girlfriend Stephen said, “How?” I thought,’Oh, this is driving me crazy. Do you know what it reminds me of?Do you remember that movie Ghost story What we saw? This is a super pretentious ghost movie. I thought,’This reminds me a lot. too slow. Stephen said, “Who directed it?” I said,’This man David Lowry. I’m not sure who he is.So I looked up at him, he is the director Ghost story. It’s like,’Well, this makes a lot of sense. ‘”

Christopher M. Cevasco on ambiguity:

“I think it’s fair to explain all the trials and sufferings, [Gawain] Along the way, they were basically Morgan or Merlin manifestations. Otherwise, how can he get it back after losing his belt? His horse came back, even though it was taken away by the bandits. This is because this is part of the big thing they are creating. But why should they set up obstacles in his path? Why are they returning things to him? I have no idea. I don’t have any answers.I don’t know where Yes Any answers. Maybe my explanation is not the director’s explanation, maybe neither of our explanations. We just don’t know. this is a problem. “

Erin Lindsey on storytelling:

“I understand why [The Green Knight] It is polarization, but I have never experienced extreme reactions in any way. When I see these types of movies, I almost hope that I am not a writer-I hope I am not a writer with a cruel and honest agent, because a large part of my life is deconstructing why certain things work or not. Even if I like something, I will blow it up completely because this is how I am now programmed to experience stories and media. It’s a pity, I kind of want to know how I would experience this movie 20 years ago. But for now, yes, I do like it, but I can’t help but see what I think needs to be improved. “

Lara Elena Donnelly talks about magic:

Holly black Is one of my horn Mentor, when she talked to us about the magical system in fantasy, she said that there are two kinds-daytime logic and nighttime logic. The logic of the day is the kind of logic you can explain with rules, just like in Harry Potter: if you say these things and then move your wand like this, you will get this effect. Night logic is something that feels right, you can’t push too hard. It is harder to write because you have to evoke the right feeling without clear rules. So to me, many parts of this movie are very logical. You can’t put too much effort in this area. This is just an effective method because it feels right. “

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