Finally, an interesting conspiracy theory: Roy Kent on “Ted Lasso” is CGI


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Leave it to Apple to deeply fake a complete person.

Okay, wait, let me explain.Not long ago, the rumors—mostly jokes—started Floating on Reddit That Ted RussoRoy Kent is a character generated entirely by computer.About his overly perfect beard and overall FIFA 22 According to one commenter, the atmosphere just makes him look, “CGI AF”. To be honest, they may be right.

To be clear: I am not an idiot. I know that Roy Kent is played by the real Brett Goldstein. (He even Emmy nominations! ) But does he really look fake? Yes. His actions on the court are too perfect; his swear words are too impeccable. For football players, he may even be a decent boyfriend. (At some point, it is necessary to tell the scene of him cunnilingus to Keeley while watching a video of him crying.) He just doesn’t look real. Although we all know he is.

However, the thing about this conspiracy theory is that it is interesting. I swear that there was a time when conspiracy theories were about aliens secretly infiltrating the government or Beyoncé joining the Illuminati.Dangerous theory There has been, But in the past there were at least some truly fascinating and harmless things that could be discussed at the dinner party. (There used to be dinner parties.) However, when everyone started to think about Coronavirus is caused by 5G(This is not the case.) In this context, it is refreshing that a star in Apple TV+’s almost fantastic football show is almost too ideal.

Also, let’s be honest: it’s a bit like Apple Will do it in an upside-down alternate reality. Most of us already feel that our iPhone has turned us into a focus group for new features and products. Why doesn’t Cupertino use its popular shows to test some new deepfake technologies on unsuspecting people? If a company has a secret laboratory to develop virtual actors, it must be Apple.Industrial Light & Magic has Reappearance From the late actor and Aging Robert De Niro, How far can a performance created entirely by VFX really go?

However, perhaps the “Roy Kent is CGI” conspiracy theory is just a reprieve.this other one slice Ted Russo The conversations of the past few weeks have revolved around whether the show is bad now, and frankly, it has become very tiring. (Short version: People think the second season is listless and twists and turns, maybe a bit too cute. Also, they may be tired of waiting a week to see new episodes instead of watching them wildly. I don’t know.) Roy Kent may be fake (Again, he is not), but at least he is not boring.

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