FDA looks at boosters, state dispute authorization and more coronavirus news


FDA is considering Boosters, states have raised objections to vaccine regulations, and the United States has reached another severe milestone. Here is what you should know:

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The FDA team carefully studied the booster in the controversy

today’s FDA Independent Advisory Committee A meeting is being held to discuss whether the booster dose of Pfizer’s BioNTech vaccine is safe and effective enough to ensure widespread use. The FDA will then make a formal decision, after which the CDC’s independent advisory panel will weigh it.Earlier this week, the agency released data from Pfizer to check for weakened immunity and Provide reasons for boostersBut so far, the debate about whether boosters are necessary or ethical for the general population has been full of controversy.WHO and other vaccine policy experts have Criticize this decision Healthy Americans are allowed to have the third injection, because so many people around the world have not yet received the first dose of the vaccine.Earlier this week, an international team of scientists also stated This move is not necessary, Including the two FDA employees who recently announced that they will leave the agency, at least in part because they did not agree to push the booster.

On Thursday, the FDA also revised its Emergency use authorization for Eli Lilly antibody cocktail, Has previously authorized people 12 years and older to have contact and are at high risk of developing severe Covid-19 cases. Now the agency says that these drugs can be used as a post-exposure preventive measure for high-risk groups after exposure, but it emphasizes that this is not a substitute for vaccination.

Vaccine authorization polarizes countries, even if they start to pay off

Soon after the White House announcement A series of new Covid-19 policies Last week, the most important of which was vaccine authorization, and some states began to publicly oppose national directives.exist A letter to President Biden Yesterday, 24 attorneys general asked him to withdraw the decision of a company with more than 100 employees to request vaccination and threatened to take legal action if he did not do so. at the same time, Biden meets with executives this week From companies including Disney and Microsoft talk about his plan to make the shot more mandatory.

Vaccine authorization is Become more common On a global scale, all signs indicate that they can vaccinate people well. But to get the desired result, They must do it right. As of this week, Need French health workers At least got their first dose. More than 3,000 employees who have not been suspended without pay. The union warned that nursing care would be disrupted, but the country’s health minister stated that nursing care was not significantly affected, and some people decided to get vaccinated after seeing the mandatory requirements become a reality.

The United States marks the loss of the pandemic because questions about the origin and future of the pandemic still remain

Earlier this week, the United States reached a severe pandemic milestone: 19 months after Covid-19 first put the United States under lockdown, 1 in 500 Americans Has died of this disease. The elderly and non-white Americans account for a disproportionate proportion of the death toll. On the National Mall in Washington, New temporary art installation More than 600,000 white flags with personalized messages symbolize the impact of the pandemic.

But despite all the devastation caused by the pandemic, we still don’t know how the disease emerged and where it is headed. recent, False theory SARS-CoV-2 existed in Italy long before the discovery of SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan, although Seriously flawed nature of the evidence. And because human behavior and public health measures evolve with the development of the virus, it turns out that it is difficult for disease modelers to reliably predict What will happen next Beyond the short term.

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How does technology shape the course of this pandemic and future pandemics?

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