Echelon Reflect Smart Fitness Mirror: An affordable choice for home gyms


Fitness mirror is A relatively new home gym entrant. When closed, these devices look like any decorative mirrors, and you can hang them near the door or lean against the wall next to the bedroom closet. However, when turned on, the fitness mirror becomes lifelike, and its function is similar to an interactive digital display. It is similar to a smart TV, it only has a TV with a reflective surface and can only play instructional exercise videos.You may be familiar with the most popular names in this category, such as tone, Mirror, And NordicTrack treasuryIn the best condition, these Wi-Fi-connected mirrors can be used as a stylish, low-key fitness center to guide you through various exercises, allowing you to exercise in the comfort of your home.

Reflect from Echelon Fitness is the other side of these mirrors. Although its main competitor only sells their devices in one size, Echelon offers you two sizes of mirrors for you to choose from: a 50-inch touch screen model is priced at $1,500, and a 40-inch model without a touch screen is priced. 1,000 USD. In addition to physical mirroring, users pay a monthly membership fee of $40 to play Echelon’s streaming media content on Reflect. It is expensive, of course. But the total cash outlay for connecting home fitness systems is at the lower end, especially when compared to those offered by other popular brands.This competitive price is a typical feature of Echelon Fitness, which also makes budget friendly Stationary bicycle, Rowing machine, with Treadmill.

The mirror can broadcast a dazzling array of live and on-demand exercise classes, including meditation, boxing, aerobics, strength, barre and zumba classes. In addition to English, there are a variety of exercise programs and challenges, beginner sections, and even German and French courses. I thought that taking a few lessons in German could serve as a fitness version of Duolingo, but so far, I still don’t speak germanThe one-to-one training option allows the personal trainer to see you (via Reflect’s built-in camera) and guide you through a personalized workout. There is also a celebrity section which includes courses led by celebrities-you guessed it-celebrities. Mario Lopez is the only celebrity Echelon has recruited so far, but hey, AC Slater is a good start.

Echelon’s Reflect is a newer product in this category, and its combination of high-end technology and simple design is impressive. I tested the 50-inch model, which was just enough to give up mounting it on the wall. Instead, I can lean it against a corner of my room, and when I don’t use it, it adds a nice decorative feeling. The frame of the mirror also houses two speakers and a hidden front camera. Reflect also connects wireless headsets and heart rate monitors via Bluetooth.

If you connect a heart rate monitor, exercise becomes more valuable because Echelon’s software measures your heart rate and tracks it in different areas, and provides a score for each area. The score ranges from 5 minutes per minute in the light green area (representing light exercise) to 20 minutes per minute in the red area (your maximum heart rate). At the end of the exercise, the leaderboard will rank you with other echelon believers to show who gets the most points.

Smoke it

Tap on the touch screen Reflect model to select your exercise.

Photography: Echelon Fitness

When I opened it, Reflect immediately changed from a simple mirror to a portal, a mature fitness room. The main menu screen showed me a series of courses in various fitness programs. You just need to tap and swipe until you find something you like. (The smaller non-touch screen Reflect is controlled by a mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS.) There are up to 10 live lessons every weekday and fewer on weekends. If your schedule is out of sync with any live courses, you can choose from many on-demand replays of courses, each of which lasts between 5 and 80 minutes.

The exercise itself is well integrated. In class, you can see the coach and your reflection, allowing you (cough cough) to reflect the coach’s actions and adjust your state as you proceed. Echelon’s coach is also very inspiring and enthusiastic, and it’s refreshing to see coaches of various body types. If you are the type of person who is frightened by the trainer yelling at you, you will find that working with coaches with better physiques makes it easier.


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