Drake, Kanye, Lil Nas X and the art of online self-creation


Our role Play is talking. For some time now, I have believed that one of the stimuli of the social Internet-which appeals to each of us in a way-is the way it makes us whoever we want.It grants role-playing permissions for Performance feast. It allows us to live outside of our sometimes stagnant selves. It can cover up a person’s anonymity, of course-catfish, trolls and crooks have long abused anonymity. But in its most detached and digital aspect, social networks allow for fantasy, which gives way to an expansive realism. It empowers a self with more holes.

In this large and contrasting identity ecology, there are some prototypes that come from specific generational sets, logos we play with or project onto, but create our own logos in other ways (some of which also double as memes).Maybe you are a Karen Or reflect the tendency of Facebook’s baby boomers; maybe you’ve encountered Hot spot In the comment section of Dr. Umar’s YouTube video or just this week Barb On Twitter, these bombed identities spread and found one of the fertile platforms for the community. One of the fashionable characters in this online temperament carousel is the serial liar, the dating app lothario—— asshole,I see. You probably know one. Maybe you even dated one. (This happens to the best of us.) The gentle brother who likes one-night stands, he ends up with little room for real sympathy and needs constant comfort. He is a chronic heartbreaker. Werewolf wearing Gucci slippers. He is Drake.

Normally, there is little pride or reward for showing such a blatant character in public—very few wearers loudly acknowledge the prototype—which makes the Toronto rapper’s latest project called Certified lover boy, More mysterious; it is full of rhetoric and understatement, the mentality of millennials is too familiar. This album is his sixth album released by a major record company. It uses the emotions and voice of an ex-partner, who consciously, or even deliberately, asked you to continue reading-just want to know, a few days later , Why didn’t you send them back text messages. Certified lover boy It’s a crash course on the ancient art of poisonous masculinity (Drake actually uses this phrase in the album description), a mirror of ugliness and compulsion by men. We live in a world of self-styled heroes, who want to be good doers and TED Talk motivators. These people, despite their hidden intentions, want to convey how decent they are-but Drake chose the most hated role. Why? Because it’s all performances. We like fascinating performances.

He is not the only one wearing a shiny cosplay. Together with Kanye West who released the 10th studio album, Donda, Early this month, Certified lover boy It’s just a catalyst for a larger discussion about how and what we need to make good art.What their music is about-what is it Say-It has nothing to do with the music itself. Neither artist has reached the top here.A lot of things we hear club with Donda It is recycled material. On the contrary, it is the rituals surrounding the arts, the luxurious spectacles and characters they embody, that force us to watch and listen, standing endlessly (this is one of the reasons to talk about Kanye’s listening courses, which are being sold-in Outside the stadium and playing on Apple Music, it’s more fascinating than the chatter around the album). Music has become something completely different: the Internet provides us with a mask of self-creation.

Heartbreak and loss, contempt and swagger, all the drunken voicemails, the text of “you get up”, and a mixture of family dramas encountered in previous iterations, Certified lover boy It is a regurgitation of everything before it.You can’t help but wonder if this is the role of Drake-once a teenage actor De Grassi——Always want to play; then maybe this is his final form. There is no sign of growth. There are no unexpected turns. “I remember I told you I miss you, it’s a bit like a group texting,” he raps in “Dad’s House”, which is a song that easily appeared in his last five albums.


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