Coronavirus update: Italy begins to provide booster injections to the most vulnerable


The heads of the five unions stated in a letter to the Minister of Health that the layoffs at the UK Drugs and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency would “mouse” Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s promise to turn Britain into a “scientific superpower”.

The regulatory agency responsible for approving treatments including the coronavirus vaccine has been Capital reductionOf the 1,200 employees of MHRA, 20% to 25% are considered to be at risk of unemployment.

Prospect and the secretary-generals of the other four unions said in a letter to Health Minister Sajid Javid on Monday that the layoffs could lead to “the quality of our regulatory decisions being affected.”

The letter goes on to say that cuts in spending will cause the UK to face long-term delays in approving new drugs and reduce the MHRA to “effectively rubber stamp EU regulatory decisions”.

Prospect Secretary-General Mike Clancy said in a statement that “the only reason the UK is able to return to normal now is the vaccination program and the excellent work of the MHRA staff”.

“In fact, only a few months later, one-fifth of them faced layoffs, and beggars believed in this fact,” he said.

In a statement last week, MHRA said: “We announced to our employees in February that we are changing the way the agency operates.”

It added: “This transition is to address four challenges: Britain’s withdrawal from Europe (so we receive less fee income); our role in achieving the life science strategy; the recent Cumberlege review recommended that we implement Pay attention to patients; and financial pressure.”


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