Coronavirus update: Idaho warns that hospital care is affected due to Covid cases and shortages


The state of Idaho has warned some of its residents that due to the “serious” shortage of personnel and hospital resources caused by the latest wave of Covid-19 patients, they may not receive the level of care or treatment they expect.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced on Tuesday that the northern region of the state entered the “crisis care standard” on September 6, after the state’s senior public health officials met earlier in the day to review measures taken to resolve staff issues . And there is a shortage of hospital beds.

After its launch, the Crisis Care Standards Guidelines are designed to help healthcare providers make decisions about how to prioritize and allocate the “best care” in a disaster or public health emergency. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare stated that guidelines can be formulated when “there are not enough medical resources to provide the usual standard of care for those in need,” with the ultimate goal of saving as many lives as possible.

“Crisis care standards are the last resort. This means that we have exhausted our resources to the point that our healthcare system cannot provide the treatment and care we expect,” DHW Director Dave Jeppesen said in a statement.

When the guidelines come into effect, accidental care may include discovering that hospital beds or equipment are unavailable, or available beds may be in converted rooms.

DHW stated that the guidelines will remain effective until there are sufficient resources to provide the usual standard of care for all patients.

According to the analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services by the Financial Times, Idaho received a record number of 553 patients receiving Covid-19 treatment in hospitals across the state on September 6.

According to HHS data, approximately 66% of the state’s 3,443 inpatient beds are currently in use and approximately 16% are being used by patients receiving Covid-19 treatment. In comparison, the national average use of hospital beds is 75%, and Covid-19 patients use 14% of hospital beds.

However, 89% of intensive care beds in Idaho are in use, which is 10 percentage points higher than the national average, and approximately 56% of ICU beds are occupied by Covid-19 patients, compared with 32% overall in the United States.


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