“Clever escape” is psychedelic perfection


Some games are Just like the Skinner box, rewards are distributed by pulling the right levers. Others are like slot machines, where random wins make serotonin receptors clang. Some are like dodge balls on the playground or after-school fight clubs behind the McDonald’s trash can. I have never played a game like Introduction to Parliamentary Records: Gathering on the mothership/I am the mothership connection/start in 3-D/light years groovin’.

Funk is not a perfect comparison Clever escape, A game dedicated to rock music and the journey of a young prodigy’s guitar star.but Clever escape It is also a game about free association, so let’s indulge a little bit. Clever escape It’s like riding a moth the size of an elephant toward the sunset. It’s like sliding down the endless branches of a magical forest. It’s like transferring into another dimension. You actually did all these things in the game, but they are also metaphors, man.

In the context of David Bowie and his other self in the universe, Ziggy Stardust, Clever escape Follow the beginning of the psychedelic stage role of the protagonist Francis Vendetti. Francis is a small-town science fiction geek, and his uncle is a folk music legend. The night before his first performance, to celebrate his uncle’s greatest work, Francis encountered a series of interstellar creatures that forced him to face his own ordinary and his own extraordinary.To the public, he is the ghost of folklore, but in private it is Francis rock. As a manic pixie laser artist told him, “You dress like a tramp, but you sound like a space opera.” The pressure on the town’s neighbors is increasing, asking him to inherit his uncle’s mantle. Francis escaped from his childhood bedroom into the night, when an alien with a brain in a tank met him outside his house and escorted him there. The universe is extraordinary, A fantastic acid journey to the “gray matter between the petals of the universe”.

Courtesy of Beethoven and Dinosaurs

“To smash the Sci-Fi Guitar Odyssey, please press and hold X,” the game instructions. Francis must get rid of his previous self and create a new storyline for his life-his dimensional jump, space opera stage role. Between sliding down the iceberg and popping the music bubble, Francis interacted with various interstellar celebrities, such as the terrifying beast known as Glamourgonn, sometimes to save his life.

Clever escape Easy to fall. These are four to five pure and joyful lighting platforms, jumping in a vivid, kaleidoscope-like landscape full of alien beasts and green plants. Every second of the game is fun. Instead of a boring monologue, the background story of a character unfolds in an interactive digital museum he once walked through; instead of a basic platform, Francis can display the beam of light and swarms of fireflies by holding an X and playing the guitar. (That guitar always resonates with the dreamy background music in each area.) When Francis performed, a music production technician appeared-more Simon said Compare Guitar hero-Prompt the player to follow the prompts to click buttons or triggers at any speed or rhythm. The goal is to express, not to be correct.

Courtesy of Beethoven and Dinosaurs


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