Civilization Model 1 Review: part bicycles, part mopeds


I sit Civilized’s Model 1 electric bicycle feels like a slow and painful seesaw. The rear suspension began to hiss–pssssss. Air escapes from the shock absorber under the vehicle body. The rear end of the bicycle began to sink and kept going down until the suspension bottomed and stopped. The onboard air compressor starts. It sounds like a miniature jackhammer. The rear end of the bicycle began to expand and rise again.

Although it is dazzling, it only takes 10 seconds to set up a pneumatic self-leveling rear suspension on a Civilized Model 1 electric bicycle. It’s elegant, but it’s still a work bike, designed to carry two people — or one person and a child seat — and cargo in an expandable duffel bag. Adjusting the bicycle’s suspension when adding or reducing passengers and cargo can maintain the consistency of riding quality, because the system always uses the appropriate shock-absorbing stiffness for the weight it carries.Just like Goldilocks-the timeout is always From July right. It works-it’s just not for everyone.


Photo: Civilized Bike

Before I took the Model 1 home, I drove the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard in the back seat of the founder of Civilization Zachary Schieffelin. My goal is every train track intersection and pothole-you know, for testing. Even with 330 pounds of humans riding on it, Model 1 soaked them all. With its large tires and powerful electric motors, Model 1 makes me more like carrying a passenger on my motorcycle, rather than carrying a passenger on any bike I have ever ridden.

No matter how you combine it, this bike can carry a total of 400 pounds. Two adults can fill up duffel bags (each bag weighs 25 pounds) and still sail at speeds of more than 20 miles per hour. Most cargo bikes have the same capacity–Our current favorite The cargo bike Tern GSD can carry up to 440 pounds-but unlike most other bikes, once you finish your daily work, the Model 1 will adjust itself to the new weight every time. It is also equipped with a convenient double stand in the center instead of the unstable single-leg stand.

When the plastic hard-sided tote bag is closed, each bag can hold 20 liters of goods. The battery and charger are installed inside, and each suitcase has an integrated three-digit code lock so you can store things inside, such as the trunk of a car. You can also open the plastic case to expand them to a capacity of 80 liters. This is enough for a full week of grocery store operations, although their fabrics are partially exposed and are not very secure against theft.

Depending on the power setting and the rider’s weight, it is expected to travel 25 to 30 miles after a full charge. For electric bikes, this is really low, especially for electric bikes at this price, but if you live in a city and don’t try to ride all day without charging, then this is good for commuting, running errands and drinking coffee That’s enough. There is room to install a second battery in another handbag, which will double the range. You can also charge the device through the USB port in the battery.


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