CDU’s Laschet restarts his campaign to succeed Merkel after polls have slipped


German political update

German conservative leader Armin Laschet tried to restart his Stuttering exercise success Angela Merkel As prime minister, eight experts were appointed to advise him on issues such as climate change and security.

Raschelt said that the four women and four men represent the diversity of Germany and its conservative CDU/CSU.

The candidate is trying to revive his languishing wealth.Only more than three weeks before the German federal election, the CDU/CSU were surpassed by the center-left Social Democratic Party in the polls. They chose the Chancellor and the Minister of Finance. Olaf Schultz, Enjoys a much higher approval rate than Laschet.

A poll conducted by the public broadcaster ARD showed that the CDU/CSU’s support rate was 20%, while the Social Democratic Party’s support rate was 25% and the Green Party’s support rate was 16%.

Last Sunday, after a televised debate between Scholz, Laschet and the candidate of the Green Party’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Annalena Baerbock, opinion polls showed that Scholz had won the game.

When introducing his experts, Laschet asked SPD to show off his team. “I especially look forward to seeing other figures provided by the Social Democratic Party in the next few days,” he said. “A lot of people are hiding there now.”

CDU politicians accused the Social Democratic Party of deliberately suppressing their party leaders Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans, who had The Social Democratic Party defeated Schultz in the leadership race and is considered to be more left-wing than the Minister of Finance.

As the pressure on Rashet to stop the decline of the CDU, he warned of the danger of the left-wing government uniting the Social Democrats, the Green Party, and Die Linke. This is an ultra-left rooted in the East German Communist Party. political party. He said on Friday that he will work hard to ensure that “September 26 will not lead to a left-wing alliance in Germany.”

Angela Merkel intervened in a rare campaign this week, attacking Schultz for refusing to rule out an alliance with Die Linke.

Experts announced on Friday by Raschelt included millionaire company lawyer Friedrich Merz (Friedrich Merz), who lost to Raschelt in the January leadership contest of the Christian Democrats, but got the foundation. Widespread support from the ordinary people of the China Democratic League.

Merz will provide Laschet with financial and economic advice. He told reporters on Friday that he supports a balanced budget, a “stable euro” and the German constitution’s restrictions on new borrowing.

The expert team also includes Dorothee Bär, the Secretary of State for digital affairs, and Peter Neumann, a professor of security studies at King’s College London and a terrorism expert.

Others include Karin Prien, Minister of Education of the Northern State of Schleswig-Holstein; Barbara Klepsch, Minister of Culture of Saxony; Silvia Breher, Vice Chairman of the CDU; and Andreas Rong, deputy leader of the party’s parliamentary group. Grid; and Joe Chialo, the music manager who is running for a seat in the Bundestag.


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