California recall: Gavin Newsom faces voter battle to continue as governor


Gavin Newson Update

California voters will vote on Tuesday to determine whether Democrat Gavin Newsom will become the third governor to be removed in American history.

President Joe Biden traveled to California on Monday to appear with Newsom in Sacramento and the port city of Long Beach, emphasizing the interests of the Democratic Party. The first governor held his last campaign rally before voting.

“California, you must make Gavin Newsom your governor,” Biden said to the crowd in Long Beach. “Don’t take everything for granted.”

After struggling in the polls for most of the summer, Newsom has Attracted more support In the last paragraph. FiveThirtyEight’s latest poll shows that 57.4% of California voters want to “remain” as governor, and 41.5% of voters want to “remove” him.

The governor faced 46 challengers on the ballot, which raised two questions for voters: “Should Newsom be recalled?” “Regardless of how you vote on the first question, who should replace him?”

In order for Newsom to defeat the recall, most people answered “no” to the first question. If he does not reach this threshold, the challenger with the most votes in the second question will complete his remaining term.

Opinion polls named Larry Elder, the host of the conservative joint radio show, as the frontrunner among candidates seeking to replace Newsom.

Other candidates include Kevin Falcona, a Republican who was the mayor of San Diego, John Cox, a Republican businessman defeated by Newsom in 2019, and the reality TV celebrity Caitlin who ran as a Republican. Jenner. Kevin Paffrath, who hosts a real estate show on YouTube, was one of the Democrats who challenged Newsom.

Analysts said that Newsom’s late rise in the polls was partly due to Democrats’ concerns about the prospects of Elder’s victory. Elder is a Trump supporter who opposes abortion rights and promised to end California’s Mask and vaccine regulations.

Biden targeted Elder and compared his policies on climate change, women’s rights, and other issues with those of former President Donald Trump. “You can either make Gavin Newsom governor or Donald Trump,” he said. “This is not a joke.”

According to the Associated Press, Elder concluded his case on Monday night, urging his supporters to participate in the polls and saying “If we vote, we will win this thing.”

But Elder’s campaign also began to make unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud in California. This statement was responded to in a statement issued by Trump, suggesting that the poll was “rigged.”

Republicans have not won statewide elections in California since 2006, so Tuesday’s turnout is critical to the party’s hopes of recalling Newsom. Democratic voters dominate the mail voting.

Newsom prevented five attempts by Republican leaders to recall him. When he urged restraint on the public, he tried to get enough signatures for the sixth time after dining at The French Laundry.His position fell in depression State Covid-19 restrictions, Including the long-term closure of public schools and the prohibition of outdoor dining.

His critics also criticized his response to the drought, wildfires and homelessness that plagued California.

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Only two governors of the United States have been recalled: Lynn Fraser of North Dakota and Gray Davis of California in 1921, an unpopular Democrat who was defeated by Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003 .

Since Davis’ failure, the once powerful California Republican Party has declined with the development of ethnic diversity in the state. The registered Democrats now surpass the Republicans by two to one.

The recall vote cost the state more than $275 million. Even if Newsom wins, he will face re-election next year. Regardless of the outcome, the state’s Democrats are expected to try to reform California’s 110-year-old recall regulations.


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