California governor boycotts Republican-led recall vote


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California Governor Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) blocked Republican-led efforts to remove him because he dealt with Covid-19 crisis, According to the Associated Press’s statewide vote forecast.

Early results show 67.7% California According to the Secretary of State’s Office, voters rejected efforts to recall Democrat Newsom.

Newsom said in the state capital of Sacramento: “I feel humble and grateful to the millions of Californians who exercise basic voting rights.”

In order to defeat the recall, most voters had to choose “No” on the question of whether Newsom should be removed. If the governor does not meet this threshold, the challenger with the most votes in the second question of who succeeds him will complete the remainder of his first four-year term.

Newsom faces 46 challengers in the vote, including Larry Elder, the host of a united conservative radio show, who is the frontrunner among candidates seeking to replace Newsom.

In the final days of the campaign, Newsom won the election by an overwhelming 62% in 2018. He said that allowing him to stay in office would be a blow to the “Trumpism” in Democratic-majority states. Since 2006, Republicans have not won statewide elections in California.

$275 million

Cost of California Recall Voting in 2021

Newsom’s victory is good news for President Joe Biden, who traveled to California on the eve of Tuesday’s vote to gather voters for the governor.

Biden’s national approval ratings have fallen sharply, but Newsom’s easy victory will alleviate concerns about strong opposition to the president’s policies, including his measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 Delta variants.

It can also reassure Democrats across the United States that the political environment is not necessarily unfavorable for them before the 2022 midterm elections. However, California’s dismissal vote is an imperfect touchstone for national sentiment, as the state has become more and more democratic in recent years-and due to the unusual nature of the game.

For most of the summer, Newsom performed poorly in the polls, but his polls gained momentum as Democrats were concerned about the prospects of Donald Trump’s supporter Elder winning. .

The National Democrats will see Newsom’s victory as a possible template for the election, because the California governor can portray Elder as a Trump-friendly conservative, mandatory requirements for masks and vaccines, and abortion rights. And there are extreme views on the effectiveness of elections.

Biden targeted Elder on Monday night, comparing his policies on climate change, women’s rights and other issues with those of his predecessor in the White House. “You can either make Gavin Newsom governor or Donald Trump,” he said. “This is not a joke.”

Recall operations are common in California and have been launched against every governor since 1960. Only two have reached the number of signatures for the election: this year and 2003, when Democrat Gray Davis was recalled and replaced by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Newsom prevented five attempts by Republican leaders to recall him. It was reported that he did not wear a mask when dining at a French laundry in Napa Valley, and at the same time urged the public to exercise restraint. The sixth time he tried to obtain enough signatures. His status declined due to frustration with the state’s Covid-19 restrictions, including the prolonged closure of public schools and the ban on outdoor dining.

His critics also criticized his response to the drought, wildfires and homelessness that plagued California.

Although Newsom will face re-election next year, the removal vote has cost the state more than $275 million. Democrats in the state are expected to try to reform California’s 110-year-old recall regulations.

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