British tennis star Radu Canu is on the verge of sports glory in the U.S. final


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Emma Raducanu (Emma Raducanu) is a British youth tennis superstar, she did not expect to participate in this year’s US Open.

Two weeks ago, the 18-year-old girl booked a flight back from New York at the end of the qualifying stage, assuming she would not advance to the main stage of the Grand Slam tournament. Her travel plans were completely changed by the unprecedented women’s singles final on Saturday.

“Time in New York flies so fast,” Radukanu said on the court after beating Greece’s 17th seed Maria Sakkari in straight sets on Thursday night. “I have been taking care of every day, unknowingly, three weeks later, I entered the finals, I can’t believe it.”

No player, both men and women, has entered the Grand Slam finals through qualifiers before. These four annual events are considered the pinnacle of tennis. Ranked 150th in the world before the game, she is expected to become the first British woman to win a major event since Virginia Wade won at Wimbledon in 1977.

But between her and the trophy stood Canada’s Laila Fernandez, another surprise package for girls hoping to win her first Grand Slam. Before the championship, Fernandez’s performance in the final was even more difficult, ranking 73rd in the world.

Emma Raducanu on the way to eliminate US Shelby Rogers (Emma Raducanu) in the previous round of the US Open © Danielle Parhizkaran/USA TODAY/Reuters

Judging from all her post-match interviews, Radu Canu has not lost a set at the US Open. She seems to be Simply enjoy She continued to stay. But the sports industry executives said that her performance seems to make her one of the most marketable figures in the British sports industry.

Continued success in her career can make her an international superstar, alongside Serena Williams and other tennis champions Naomi Osaka, They are one of the highest paid female athletes in all sports.

Independent sports marketing expert Tim Crow (Tim Crow) said: “All factors can make her the main British female athlete of her time.”

Raducanu’s chances of obtaining sports honors and the wealth associated with them have represented significant growth. She was born in Canada, her father is Romanian and her mother is Chinese. When she was 2 years old, she moved with her parents to Bromley in southeast London.

Earlier this year, she completed her A-Level exam before participating in the Wimbledon Tennis Open. This was the only experience she had participated in a Grand Slam before. There, she became the youngest British woman to enter the round of 16, and was forced to retire due to obvious breathing difficulties during the game.

Raducanu is a product of the talent development program launched by the Lawn Tennis Association in 2018, targeting young people aged 16 to 24. The professional scholarship program of the British governing body of the sport aims to consistently train players who can challenge the sport’s highest awards.

This is in stark contrast to the former men’s world number one Andy Murray. Andy Murray was the last British player to win the U.S. Open. He left his hometown of Scotland at the age of 15 to go to Spain for personal coaching.

Iain Bates, head of women’s tennis at the LTA, said that despite the rapid rise of Raducanu, it is too early to announce the success of the new scholarship.

After the British player defeated her in the semifinals of the US Open, Maria Sakkari of Greece congratulated Emma Raducanu ©Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY/Reuters

“We have six girls participating in qualifying here, and five of them participated in our career scholarship program,” he said in New York. “My work needs to be completed, to transform the five-person group in which Emma is one of them into the top 100 [ranked players in the world]. At that time I think we are beginning to show signs of improvement. “

But Bates added that Raducanu will provide inspiration for her peers: “She learns very quickly, she adapts to the game very quickly, and she can quickly improve her level. It shows what is possible and it is Others provide energy and belief, and they can continue to push themselves to achieve higher goals.”

In Fernandez, she faced another unexpected finalist. The Canadian who turned 19 on Monday shockedly defeated defending champion Osaka in the third round, defeating former world No. 1 Angelique Kerber and US Open second seed Alina Sabalenka. .

Raducanu will definitely increase the over $300,000 in bonuses she has earned so far in her short career. The winner of the US Open will receive a prize of 2.5 million U.S. dollars, and the runner-up will receive a prize of 1.25 million U.S. dollars.

Raducanu’s sole sponsors are sportswear group Nike and racket maker Wilson. Others will certainly seek to connect with one of the sport’s brightest prospects.

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“Just by renewing existing deals, Raducanu is expected to generate more than $1 million in revenue… And other brands will undoubtedly see Raducanu as potential brand ambassadors,” said Konrad Vyaček, head of sports analysis at GlobalData, a research organization (Conrad Wiacek) said. “[She] In the foreseeable future, it may have become the spokesperson of British tennis. “

When others were considering how to profit from her success, Raducanu herself was shocked by her performance on the court in a short time.

“I obviously want to play a grand slam, but I don’t know how long that will last,” she said after winning the semifinals. “I have nothing to say about reaching the Grand Slam finals at this stage of my career.”

Additional reporting by Murad Ahmed in London and Sara Germano in New York


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