Boris Johnson plans to build on the success of the Orcus trade at the Joe Biden meeting


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Boris Johnson will meet with Joe Biden at the White House this week as he seeks to revive transatlantic relations after the West withdraws from chaos in Afghanistan.

Britain publicly criticized the president’s decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan before the end of August. The two world leaders are expected to discuss the latest situation and efforts to prevent humanitarian crises.

A British diplomat said that they did not think the meeting would be “too difficult.” They added: “Boris Johnson will not teach him about Afghanistan because there are too many other important issues to discuss.”

After London announced the establishment of a trilateral security partnership with Washington and Canberra last week, Johnson was encouraged before his meeting with Biden. Okus Agreement Highlighted a tough stance against Beijing and was hailed as a diplomatic victory for Britain in London.

Leslie Wenjamuri, director of the United States and Americas Program at the Chatham Institute, said: “Afghanistan is obviously a bit humiliating to the British Prime Minister, but it is clear that there is no turning back.”.. Frankly, Biden has no time to deal with the fight. Turning over the milk, he will look for the people on his boat.

“Johnson and Biden did not lose their great love, but at the same time they clearly felt the importance of this partnership.

“This will be a very forward-looking meeting. [A] A certain number of plans and celebrations of Aukus, which is a kind of prosperity for Britain. I hope all they can do is clean up the mess and try to build on the momentum of G7. “

The British Prime Minister will address the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week and will host a meeting of world leaders—including leaders from the countries most vulnerable to climate change—before COP26 is scheduled to take place in Glasgow in early November.

COP26, which was postponed from last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, was seen by Johnson as an opportunity to “lead global net zero emissions”-this task has become easier with the arrival of a new US president who wants to tackle climate change. The UK will host 100 world leaders at this event.

The purpose of the meeting was to determine the parameters of the Paris climate agreement, which was an agreement in 2015 aimed at limiting global warming to well below 2C.

Before his trip, Johnson said: “The time for world leaders to fulfill their climate commitments before COP26 is very short. My message to those I meet this week is clear: future generations will be based on our achievements in the coming months. Judge us.

“This week, as world leaders arrive in New York for the biggest diplomatic event of the year, I will push them to take concrete actions on coal, climate, cars and trees so that we can successfully host COP26 and keep our climate goals within reach. .

“We need to continue to provide reasons for a sustainable recovery from the coronavirus rooted in green growth. We have a responsibility to ensure that the benefits of this growth benefit everyone, no matter where they are born.”


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