Big budget streaming service is expected to dominate the Emmy Awards


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Although many popular parties have been cancelled due to Covid-19, Sunday’s Emmys are expected to be a celebration night for streaming services that shocked Hollywood’s economy.

The live broadcast on Sunday was a “big tent” program type that attracted a large number of viewers until recently. It is expected that the number of viewers on the CBS network will be far less than in the pre-wire era. At that time, the Emmys could attract as many viewers as 35 million. audience.

Those who are most responsible for this decline are expected to win most of the trophies. Disney PlusThe streaming service launched by Walt Disney in 2019, topped the nomination for its Star Wars series Mandalorian There are 24, followed by the Marvel comic series Wanda Vision At 23.

The latest issue of Netflix Crown It also received 24 nominations, including Emma Corrin (Emma Corrin) for her role as Princess Diana and Gillian Anderson (Gillian Anderson) for her role as Margaret Thatcher (Margaret Thatcher) Acting as a supporting actress.

For the following reasons, Apple Plus will have the grandest night at the Emmy Awards Ted RussoA touching comedy that tells the story of an American hired to coach an English football team, which has won 20 nominations.

Ted Lasso, starring Jason Sudeikis, is the first real hit on Apple TV Plus © AP

“Netflix has an awards moment, Amazon has it, Hulu has it [but] LightShed partner Rich Greenfield said that Sunday felt like a wake-up call for Apple TV Plus. “Given the strongest balance sheet in the world, Apple has just started and will launch an incredible series of movies and TV shows in 2022 and beyond.”

After several wrong startups Apple In order to break into Hollywood in the past decade, the company launched Apple TV Plus two years ago as a response to the streaming war between Netflix, Disney and other companies. Instead of overloading viewers, Apple spends a lot of money on fewer shows, similar to the approach taken by HBO.This Silicon Valley company spends more to produce each episode Morning show, A drama set in a newsroom, instead of HBO’s $15 million game of Thrones There is a cost, even for all epic battle sequences.

According to the British Financial Times, Apple invested more than $6 billion in its streaming media business in 2019, attracting top talent with its brand and above-average salary.but Ted Russo It is the company’s first truly hot product, and as technology companies and media groups invest heavily in attracting subscribers, the company stands out in the ocean of content.

The dominance of streaming media is the result of what Benjamin Swinburne, head of American media research at Morgan Stanley, called the “land grabbing phase” of industry development. The production cost of new content is getting higher and higher, and the profits are getting lower and lower. Except for Netflix, most players are losing money.

“If you look at the Emmy list, obviously consumers are the winners,” Swinburne said. “As long as you can handle the overwhelming supply, now is a good time to be a couch potato. There is an incredible range of options.”

This ever-increasing selection of content means that the mainstream audience for Emmys and other American traditional broadcasters, CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX has decreased. The Tokyo Olympics in July attracted the lowest number of viewers since NBC began broadcasting the Olympics in 1988. The Oscars that aired in April also attracted a record low number of viewers, as did the Emmys last year.

Last year’s Emmy Awards were all virtual, with host Jimmy Kimmel standing on an almost empty stadium. This year’s show will return to the live awards ceremony, with only a limited number of nominees and their guests. Cedric the Entertainer will host.

CBS hopes to increase the audience ratings of this year’s Emmys by broadcasting and on-demand broadcasting the show on the streaming service Paramount Plus.

But the glorious era of “big tent” programming is over.

“We have seen high football ratings, but this is an exception to the rule,” Swinburne said. “The Oscars in the spring have fallen sharply. This is the trend of these awards-this is the function of cutting the thread.”


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