Biden asks U.S. companies to introduce vaccine authorization


Covid-19 vaccine update

As part of the new plan, the Biden government will require the company to force its employees to receive the Covid-19 vaccine or undergo weekly tests. If government workers refuse to receive the vaccination, they will also be fired.

The President of the United States will announce new measures on Thursday night as part of a broader effort to increase vaccination rates and contain the rapid spread of the Delta variant.

According to the plan finalized by the Department of Labor, large and medium-sized companies with 100 or more workers will be told to force their employees to be vaccinated or tested at least once a week before going to work. White House officials said that this rule will cover about 100 million people-two-thirds of the American workforce.

Another executive order signed by Biden will instruct federal government employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine, and workers will no longer be able to avoid this requirement by undergoing regular tests and wearing masks.

Contractors will also follow the same rules, which are estimated to cover 2.5 million people, but people will get some exemptions due to religious or certain medical conditions.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Thursday that the White House wants the federal workforce to be a “model [of] What we think other enterprises and organizations across the country should do”.

Psaki added that federal workers will have 75 days to fully vaccinate. After that, if they still have not been vaccinated, they will be disciplined, and if they continue to refuse, they will face termination.

After seeing the number of new cases climb to About 140,000 per day, This is the last level seen in the spring before the vaccine is generally available.

Although the government has issued warnings about the risks faced by unvaccinated people, the rate of jabs in the United States is now reduce Compared with many European countries, although the supply is sufficient. The vaccination rate has also slowed down. In April, the United States vaccinated nearly 3.5 million people every day on average, but now that number is less than 1 million.

In addition to stricter vaccination regulations, the Biden government also called on large entertainment venues such as stadiums or concert halls to require customers to show proof of vaccination or test negative for Covid.

The US government will spend nearly US$2 billion to purchase 280 million Covid rapid test kits for use in places where the disease may spread, such as nursing homes, homeless shelters, and prisons. The President will also invoke the National Defense Production Law during the Korean War to ensure that manufacturing companies prioritize more testing before other contracts they may have.

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