Biden asks Congress to allocate 30 billion U.S. dollars for disaster relief and Afghan refugees


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Joe Biden has asked Congress to allocate more than $30 billion in new expenditures for disaster assistance and relief Afghan refugees As the President of the United States warned, the world is “in danger” of extreme weather events.

On Tuesday, the White House’s Acting Budget Director Shalanda Young made a request for additional federal funding in a blog post. At the same time, Biden is touring the affected areas in New York and New Jersey. Deadly flood last week.

“We must listen to the opinions of scientists, economists, and national security experts. They all told us that this is a code red; the country and the world are in danger,” the President of the United States said. “They have been warning us that extreme weather will become more extreme in the past decade, and we are now living in real time.”

Biden said the increase in destructive weather highlights the importance of taking measures climate change In his attempt to pass Congress’ huge spending bill of 3.5 trillion dollars in the coming weeks.

“This is a high-paying job: we can put the economy back on the path of real growth. But at the same time, we will save many lives, and we will save a lot of money,” Biden said.

More directly, the White House stated that it needs more funds to deal with the impact of the hurricanes, floods and wildfires that have hit the United States in the past 18 months. Yang said that about 10 billion U.S. dollars are needed to pay for the government’s response to Hurricane Ida. Hurricane Ida caused severe damage to Louisiana and New York from late August to early September. Early extreme weather events cost 14 billion. Dollar.

In addition to disaster relief, the White House added that it also needs US$6.4 billion in funding to assist Afghan refugees.

Young wrote: “In order to escape danger and protect tens of thousands of Afghans in danger, including many who have helped us in Afghanistan for 20 years, this action represents the extraordinary military, diplomatic, and security of the US government. And humanitarian action.”.

As the White House and Congress are about to pass legislation on September 30 to provide funding for government operations, otherwise they will face a destructive shutdown, so additional funding is required.

Yang asked lawmakers to pass a stopgap measure called an ongoing resolution to keep government funding at the current level, while lawmakers need more time to negotiate a permanent agreement on the annual budget.

The White House’s request will further complicate the Congressional agenda this month as Democratic leaders who control both houses of Congress attempt to pass Biden’s trillion-dollar economic agenda.

In a series of very intense negotiations, mainly within the Democratic Party, legislators will try to find a compromise, allowing Biden’s $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan and the White House-backed $3.5 trillion legislation to expand society. Safety nets, which include changes in terms of addressing climate change.

Considering the suffering and economic losses caused by extreme weather, and the widespread support of the American public for helping Afghan refugees, it may be difficult for Republicans to resist additional spending.

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