Arcade1Up Unlimited Game Table Review: Digital Board Game Fun


Like board games? You may have a whole stack of them filled with bookshelves or cabinets.If your precious storage space is about to run out, then Unlimited game table Is the solution. This is a huge touch screen tablet that can seat up to six people on the legs. It contains digital versions of nearly 40 board games, including Monopoly, Scrabble, and Battleship.

It has become a favorite in our family, especially my 9-year-old daughter, but there are things for the whole family. In addition to the board game selection, there are puzzles, Sudoku games, word search, and even coloring apps. Visual cues make it easier to follow the game, and sound effects and tactile feedback increase the sense of immersion. You can even mix single player and multiplayer game options.

Unfortunately, integration comes with a high price. The 24-inch version of the Infinity Game Table is priced at US$650, while the 32-inch model is priced at US$850. This includes a library of classic board games. With the addition of more games, there will eventually be around 50 games, but some upcoming games, such as Ticket to Ride, will require additional charges (approximately US$10 or more per game). few).

Although it is expensive, it turns out to be a great way to spend time indoors with your family. This is especially convenient when we enter another wave of lockdowns due to a pandemic that is still raging.

Interactive coffee table

Infinity Game Table (IGT for short) is the idea of ​​Arcade1Up. Arcade1Up is a retro game company that has sold more than 2 million arcade machines since its establishment in 2018.but Retro game console Both the cabinet and the cabinet recreate the sense of nostalgia with the system of the past-IGT is brand new. After successfully raising more than $1 million on Kickstarter, it took two years to develop.

A tablet on a huge leg may be the easiest way to describe IGT—after all, it runs a modified version of the Android operating system—but it will sell it short. The manufacturer sees it as a new platform. The board game was developed for IGT and, in some cases, was redesigned specifically for it. This does mean that the existing digital version of the game is not supported, but Arcade1Up is inviting game developers to join.New games are launched regularly and some of them The best family board game, Including the pandemic, are already on the release schedule.

The two U-shaped legs are partially inserted into the touch screen desktop, making it easy to assemble. The 24-inch model I tested is very heavy, so you may need help assembling it. The whole thing is about the height of a coffee table. It looks like it is at home in the game room, but it may not be the same in your living room. Removing the leg is a bit finicky, but when you want to hide it (or put it on another table or on the floor to play), it’s good to have this Do Your new coffee table needs to be inserted, which limits where you can place it. There is a clip on at least one of the legs to keep the rope tidy.

The touch screen is clear and bright, with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. It feels responsive and accurate, although we did experience some slight lag and occasional willful touch. It has 16 GB of storage space and a MicroSD card slot for expansion. The company also includes several USB ports to keep its options open; it may add support for controllers or other devices.

It is well-made, and better yet, IGT is impact-resistant and waterproof, so the drink can be safely placed in the large bezel area around the touch screen. Once plugged in and set up, you just need to tap the top to make it come alive. Sadly, finger smudges can quickly ruin the appearance, so regular cleaning with a microfiber cloth is required.

The Infinity Game Table comes with an expanded list of about 40 games.

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