Apple launched four new iPhones at the product launch


Apple update

Apple introduced four new iPhones and launched a series of updates for some of its most popular devices (including iPad and Watch), as the world’s most valuable company tried to reopen after months of antitrust review. Attract the public’s attention.

The new iPhone 13 series uses Apple’s new A15 bionic chip, an internally designed system-on-chip, and a video tool called “movie mode”, allowing users to keep the subject in focus even when they are moving.

CEO Tim Cook said that the new lineup has “the biggest advancement in camera systems to date.”

“Camera performance has become the main battlefield for high-end smartphones. It’s no surprise that Apple has enhanced its competitiveness by adding 3x optical zoom, macro photography, and video functions (such as movie mode) to the high-end iPhone,” Ben Ben, lead analyst Wood said. CCS insight.

The more expensive “Pro” and “Pro Max” iPhone models are equipped with three rear cameras and now include a 120Hz display, which Apple calls “ProMotion”-which means that the screen is updated 120 times per second. Analysts said that some Android devices are already equipped with 120Hz displays, but due to battery performance issues, Apple has been silent on this feature.

The Pro model is geared towards gamers and video enthusiasts and is equipped with a five-core graphics processor, which Apple calls the “fastest” of all smartphones.

Paolo Pescatore, an analyst at PP Foresight, said that some features are incremental, but said that the technology group still has the opportunity to promote a “super cycle” of upgrades. “There are still millions of users who have not yet upgraded to 5G,” he said.

The newest member of the Apple product line

iPhone: Apple has introduced four new versions of its popular smartphones: iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

Small tablet: The new 8.3-inch tablet has a smaller frame and a “full-screen design” that cancels the home button. It is available in four colors, has 5G connectivity, and has twice the performance of the previous model. The new iPad Mini also supports Apple Pencil, which is attached to a magnet on the side, and a USB-C port. Pricing starts at US$499.

iPad: The ninth-generation iPad starts at $329. It uses Apple’s A13 bionic chip, which the company claims is 20% faster than its predecessor.

watch: The seventh series of watches have smaller bezels and larger and thinner screens. Although it still has 18 hours of battery life, it can now be charged faster. The screen is almost a fifth larger, 40% thinner, and can display a full keyboard.

Tuesday’s product launch coincided with a challenging time for the company. Although its stock price has risen by 29% in the past year and its market capitalization has reached $2.5 trillion, the company is still caught in mixed headlines this year. On Tuesday afternoon, Apple shares fell 1.33% to $147.56.

In recent weeks, the company has publicly communicated with Labor dispute, this Leave An executive from its secret car project and a ruling In an antitrust lawsuit filed by online video game manufacturer Epic Fort night, Which led to a court order instructing Apple to make changes to its App Store.

Tuesday’s event started with two iPad updates, including the ninth-generation iPad with a redesign of the iPad Mini for the first time since 2019 and an improved processor. Melody Kuna, senior manager of iPad product design, called it “our most popular iPad A huge upgrade”. “.

Wood said that the iPad update “may be triggered by the revival of tablet computers, because people are eager to blow off the dust on old devices when they connect at home during the pandemic.”

Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, said that Apple has also introduced a new version of the Apple Watch, which “has been completely redesigned to reduce the bezel to only 1.7 mm.” It also has a larger, thinner screen and can be charged faster.

Apple also aims at health and wellness through Watch-Cook promised to become the company’s biggest legacy in this area.

“Apple Watch continues to sell in record numbers and dominates the smart watch market to a certain extent,” Wood said. “Obviously, users are satisfied enough with the daily charging procedure, and I expect other improvements to the Watch will also be welcomed.”

Contrary to popular expectations, Apple did not disclose the third version of its popular wireless headset AirPods.


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